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psychoceramics: Compression of random data

While looking at the gzip home page, I found a web page analysing 
a patent on "compression of random data".  Those here familiar with
computer science or information theory will know that compression of
random data is the computer-science equivalent of free energy or
perpetual motion; in short, it is mathematically impossible to 
compress random data.

Furthermore, this patent describes a compression method which it
says can be recursively applied to data, reducing any file of data
by one bit at a time.


"Ladies and gentlemen! I am presently unsure as to how to separate those of you
 who have fed my growing distaste for mankind from those who, thus far, have 
 not. However, it is with far more certainty that I know such a problem will 
 NOT be factored into what I will share with ALL of you here tonight."   -- NNY