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psychoceramics: Re: psychoceramics-digest V1 #337

Two short notes:

"Johannes Scmidt" <r--@h--.com> forwards us a typically
frantic broadside from John DiNardo.

I first read usenet in 1989 on "nyx" before it even had a domain name.
It was a PDP-11 back then, running 2.9BSD.  John DiNardo was a widely
despised usenet pest even then.  I believe he was doing what would now
be called "spamming" of alt.conspiracy with almost exactly the same
gibberish he puts out today.  His email address had "att" in it.  I
believe he was disciplined by AT&T for his spamming.

s--@s--.ucsd.edu (Steve Lamont) writes:
> There's no question that the Royals themselves are somewhat in
> disfavor, given their continuing antics, but the concept of a monarchy
> (no matter how archaic and ill advised) still retains favor.

Don't you mean "favour" and "disfavour"?  They are British, after all.