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psychoceramics: Fwd: Re: Tony Blair defends Royal Family and Monarchy !!!

Mr Epstein is a kinder, gentler loon. He seems to believe that
monarchs can do no wrong. He brightens up alt.conspiracy.

From: le @ put.com (Louis Epstein)
Subject: Re: Tony Blair defends Royal Family and Monarchy !!!
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 16:50:51 GMT

Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov (m--@g--.co.uk) wrote:
: I respectfully disagree with this gentleman's position...I tend to
: think that the royalty is one huge obstacle in the modernisation of
: Britain....to have this farsical family, somehow elevated above the
: rest of us for no reason other than birth, is hardly the basis for
: creating a meritocratic society.  

I tend to think that the "modernisation of Britain" is something to
be avoided.
: The tourist issue does need to be addressed.  However, I think that
: the word that is most indicative here is "history".  It's the
: *history* of the monarchy that pulls in the visitors.  I would agree
: that this history does need to be preserved and studied: after all,
: those who fail to study history are doomed to repeat it. A "Windsor
: Restoration" would be ghastly.

Necessitating one would be.

: It's true that the monarchy has been an attracting factor for
: tourists.  However, monarchy's role in our country is just about
: spent.  What needs to be done is to preserve enough of the past to
: keep it alive in our memories and to broadcast our nation's heritage
: abroad...not constantly give transfusions to an institution that is on
: its last gasp.

What needs to be eliminated is opposition to the monarchy.