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psychoceramics: Fwd: Letter from Los Alamos and Bell laboratory

The Conspiracy strikes again!

From: 113060.203 @ compuserve.com (Karpati)
Newsgroups: alt.sci.physics.new-theories
Subject: Letter from Los Alamos and Bell laboratory
Date: 11 Sep 1997 01:30:01 -0700
Organization: None

Can anybody explain the way of thinking of American physicist for an
ignorant foreigner?
Is it possible that they do not know the way and methods of scientific
research but they are very good to gain money from the state,or they
are only simply hate foreigners.
What was their biggest discovery in the last 25 years?
Can anybody tell me one?

Received from the Bell laboratory concerning the same article enclosed

Thanks for the e-mail.  At this time we have no opening for a person such
your self.

-Bill Brinkman-

Received from the laboratory of Los Alamos concerning the same article:

Dear Mr. Karpati,
        From your description it is not clear to me how your theoretical
results would directly benefit our programs.  If you have published this
work, please provide me with the citations and I will refer the appropriate
people in our organization to them.
-Ross Lemons-

Dear Mr.Lemon,

I am really sorry but I did not understand the letter you had written
to me.
Some years ago I composed a manual in the field of applied computer
mathematics to my scientific researchers workmate containing the
solutions of equations and system of equations,approximation of
functions,determinations of derivatives and integrals,applications of
the method of lowest square,tranformations of functions into other
mathematical shape,function of density and distribution,solutions of
differential equations,interpolations, mathematical forecutting,linear
optimalization and many more.I have an own developed mathematical
computer program system to easy my work.
The mathematics is the mean of scientific research at me.
Results,based of measurement data and processed by clear mathematical
means,are facts.
These facts are not topics of debate, and there is no need references
or any kind of that,as there is no possibility to misunderstand them.
I am really sorry that I can not help you in your request.
The mathematical computations are the only things that I can provide to
your laboratory if we could agree on this. 

                                      Best regards:Karpati

The mentioned article:
 At around the temperature of absolute 0 degree the force arisen by
 the  heat expansion is very great.The heat expansion can produce
 pressure  several  million kp/cm2.This is probably more than enough  
 pressure to destroy the atoms of materials standing in the first
 places of the periodic table. 
 It would be useful to find practical applications of this enormously 
 great force.
 To solve this problem we have to investigate the results we have at 
 our disposal.
 Derived from themodynamical data of substances we can of course
 determine the force arisen by the heat expansion at any temperature.
 On the other hand we can compute the heat content of substances at
 any pressure.
 Additionally we have method to determine the the solidity of substances
 from data of thermodynamics too.
 For example the solidity of iron at room temperature is 25 Kp/mm2.
 At the temperature of the absolute 0 degree this is 5000 kp/mm2.
 We can exactly determine it for any material at any temperature.
 The computation is so accurate that it can follow step by step the
 changes of crytallization.
 /at the same time we can check the computation method  comparing the
 measured and computed data of solidity/
 These are the results.
 ///////It means:these are results./////////
 It looks like if we had combined the physics of high pressures,
 the physics of condensed matters,the solid state physics into
 one starting point.  
 Can we find new fields of practical applications?
 The military use is close at hand as this method is simply
 to use but this problem in a primitive form was solved 50 years ago.
 Let see the possible technological applications.
 As this method gives us possibility to determine the data of crystalli-
 zation of artificial diamond and the process may be controlled by 
 computers it is only the question of the laboratory background to solve
 the production of this material.
 We can determine the force loaded to the atoms in the substance too.
 So we can create circumstances to the atoms similar to the temperature
 of absulute 0 degree and it makes possible to develop superconductive
 This two field of application are so close that might serve as business
 opportunity in the applied industrial research.
 On the other hand we assume that there may be millions of other 
 nondiscovered ways to use this computation method as basis of new 
 Probably it may be used to develop new materials,as the pressure can 
 change all the physical and chemical properties of substances.
 It might contribute to reveal new sources of energy as we can
 initiate nuclear changes in ceramics contaminated nuclear fuel.
 Or it can be use for refrigeration devices as we can increase the
 pressure to several ten thousand of kp/cm2.
 Knowing that the substances became stonger by cooling them it may be
 interesting in the aviatics or in other technical field where the weight
 of the device is important.

Recently these are all the questions of the future.
/////It means we know the theory and it is only the question of work
to solve additional problems.///////

/  name:Jeno Karpati
        Kazinczy krt.28.II/6
 Phone/fax:+36 28 320 916 //