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Re: psychoceramics: IUFO: Informative reply to ~ Does the BibleAllow for Aliens ?

Yep. I really enjoyed this one.

There's almost too much from there to post, and it's almost too easy to get
them wound up, too.



At 6:30 am +0100 12/9/97, Johannes Scmidt wrote:
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>> From:          "Alan deWalton"
>> >August 10, 1996
>> >
>> >Does the Bible Allow for Martians? (Originally posted by
>> Alan deWalton Replies;
>> The following rantings may hit you like a ton of bricks if
>> you're not prepared.  The reason is that it is a CONCENTRATED
>> digestion of information that I have gleaned from literally
>> thousands of UFO sources throughout the years, especially
>> those sources which contain bits of information which correspond
>> with other sources.  The only other way to present this information
>> is as a huge VOLUME, which has already been done as you can see
>> by refering to the DULCE files at http://www.pufori.org
>> However in order to deliver a concise and concentrated synopsis
>> of all this information I risk making this information sound
>> somewhat incredible and far out, especially to those who are not
>> familiar with the deeper workings of the UFO abductee/contactee
>> and 'alien history' as related by both contactees and
>> abductees.  So with this introduction, be ye warned...
>> Throughout the years of my investigations into the UFO phenomena,
>> it seems as if there are basically three major 'alliances' out
>> there, on other worlds and in other star systems.  The following
>> is a synopsis of literally hundreds of abductee and contactee
>> accounts that I have researched.
>> The FEDERATION.  These are the non-interventionist humanoids
>> of the Plieades region, often encountered by what many refer to
>> as 'contactees'.  The interesting thing is that several of these
>> contactees have mentioned that this Federation HAD its origins
>> within an early alliance between our SOL system and the VEGA
>> LYRA system.  Contactee Jefferson Souza says that he visited
>> a Federation base under Death Valley California maintained by
>> the Vegans and other Federation worlds.  Other sources say that
>> this base is over 4000 years old and was initially inhabited
>> by a sea-faring race which developed aerial and space travel
>> after the inland sea of Death Valley dried up, according to
>> the Paihute Indians.
>> The DRACONIANS.  These are interventionist reptiloids of the
>> Draconis region who control many of the 'Grey' species who are
>> abducting people on our planet.  Several times Greys have been
>> seen by abductees working UNDER Draco supervision, in cattle
>> mutilations, etc.  It is interesting that the late [?] Dulce
>> base security officer Thomas Edwin Castello claimed that he
>> had met the Dracos in the base, and that he was informed that
>> the Dracos call planet earth their HOME PLANET, and that they
>> believe they have the 'right' retake this world.  Contactee
>> Maurice Doreal claimed that he was told by members of a
>> subterranean colony under Mt. Shasta that there was in fact
>> an ancient war between humanoids [human giants and blond Nordic
>> type people] who lived in a great kingdom which now lies buried
>> beneath the sands of the Gobi desert; who were at war with
>> reptilian humanoids descended from bi-pedal saurians whose
>> ancient empire now lies below the Antarctic ice shelf.  Both
>> the Gobi and Antarctic regions according to Doreal were
>> subtropical areas before an ancient polar shift rendered them
>> mostly uninhabitable.  Doreal and other sources say that as
>> a result of this ancient battle the reptiloids were driven OFF
>> the surface of the planet, underground, and to other planets.
>> The 'Nordics' later developed their own star travel capabilities
>> and the battle was carried from earth to the moon, to Mars and
>> to other star systems.
>> The Reptiloids eventually colonized a planet in Alpha Draconis
>> and it became the base for their expanding empire, one which has
>> the 'Federation' and other independent worlds for centuries
>> if not millennia, as the Dracos saught to conquer the galaxy.
>> Several contactees say that the Alpha Draconians made a sudden
>> ATTACK on three Lyran colonial worlds near Vega Lyra which were
>> in contact with their allies in underground cities of earth.
>> Jeff Souza says that the Vegans he encountered and who took
>> him to the Death Valley base under California were dark-skinned
>> orientals who looked like East Indians!  Interesting.  The
>> sudden attack on Lyra by the Draconians reportedly resulted
>> in over 50 million human casualties, and the refugees from
>> this war escaped to the Pleiades and began to terra-form
>> several planets there, which would eventually become the
>> foundation of the powerful Androme-Pleiadean Federation.  The
>> Draconian attack essentially scattered the seeds of humanity
>> to the winds, and had the opposite effect from the Draconian
>> goal of trying to take-out the only other major competition
>> against their desired conquest the whole galaxy.  Shades of
>> the battle between the human and serpent races as prophecied
>> in Genesis chapter 3 and Revelation chapter 12?
>> The third alliance is what you may call the Ashtar or Astarte
>> alliance, a type of collective-mind system.  Interesting that
>> Ashtar-oth and Astarte are names for the same Babylonian goddess,
>> and her consort Baal who is symbolized by a 4-sided pyramid-
>> capped obelisk.  Such obelisks have reportedly been seen in
>> suppressed photos of the Moon, and there are claims that the
>> Ashtar aliens have a major base under the Gizeh plateau and were
>> even in contact with the Nazi's during WWII.  Also compare the
>> ruins with the 'pyramids' and 'sphinx' of Mars.  The
>> Ashtar collective seems to be dominant in the area of Orion and
>> is essentially a collaboration of reptiloid and humanoid beings
>> operating under a common group mind.
>> So you have the non-interventionists, the interventionists,
>> and then you have the collectivists who associate with both
>> of the above.  The collectivists are sort of like the Masons
>> of today, being essentially NON-EXCLUSIVE.  Some claim that
>> because of this non-exclusivity many of the controlling centers
>> of the Ashtar collective have fallen under the control of the
>> Draconians, and that the Ashtar collective has essentially
>> split down the middle and has [according to other contactees]
>> led to a civil war between the Federation backed Sirius-A
>> factions and Draconian backed Sirius-B factions, a war that
>> is only now starting to wind down as Sirius-B forces backed
>> by the Draco-Orionite alliance have focused their efforts on
>> sending MASSIVE warships to OUR system to back their New World
>> Order, due to arrive around 2004 or so.
>> Contactees have informed me that the Federation [Androme,
>> Pleiadean, Procyon, SiriusA] forces are trying at this time
>> to BLOCKADE our system from the incoming Draconian [Draconis,
>> Orion, Reticulan, SiriusB] forces who want to come in and
>> "take back" their "home planet" for themselves.  Perhaps the
>> "war in heaven" will be something that will be VISIBLE and
>> TANGIBLE to us.
>> So essentially, I so no reason why the NORDICS, the DRACONIANS
>> and any other alien culture might not have ORIGINATED upon planet
>> earth.  With the tendency of the most intelligent human scientists
>> to seek out their own kind and form fraternities in which they
>> develop their sciences in secret, it would seem that this may
>> have happened time and time again throughout our history.  These
>> hidden scientific colonies first going underground, and then
>> exploring and colonizing other planets and star systems.  The
>> Illuminati is reportedly such a fraternity which possessed
>> technology that most would find unbelievable.  But of course
>> this technology is NOT for the common man, lest we rise up and
>> gain equality with the technocratic elite... whether they be on
>> earth, under the earth, or on some other colonized planet.
>> I see no conflict here with the Word.  It would seem to me
>> [my opinion] that most if not all of the aliens who now inhabit
>> other star systems, ORIGINALLY had their Genesis on planet earth.
>> This scenario would answer a LOT of unanswered questions.
>> Sincerely;
>> Alan
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