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psychoceramics: The Pope's Martian Women (per IUFO)

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>they will not be looking for real water on mars. they will be looking 
>evidence of ancient water that they can deny exists at this time.  i 
think now
>that it is appropriate to quote narciso genovese, a crew member of the 
>and WELL DOCUMENTED mid 50's vatican financed argentinian trip to mars,  
>said in an interview at a spanish speaking ufo meeting in los angeles 
>before his death in the early 90's: 
>'the women on mars are the most beautiful women in the universe'
>patricia weissleader at lizardhaven ranch
>'where the critter meets the glitter'
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Hmmm. Martian girls. Anyone know anything about this WELL DOCUMENTED 
papal mission to Mars? BTW ACB...where are you!
Johannes Schmit

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