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psychoceramics: Re: Dear God

>As in, dear God, I think these people are _serious_
>        http://www.testamints.com
>> >Does the Bible Allow for Martians? (Originally posted by 

Blah, blah, blah, blather about Draconians and Nordics and subterrranean

Not too bad a wrap-up of viewpoints in that community -- but if this
shocks you you need to get out more on the 'Net.  I spent my first three
surfing weeks doing nothing but looking up UFO sites -- and believe me,
who we've got in this little tidbit is nothing but the
lowest-common-denominator party line!  There is no kook like a UFO kook
-- especially a William Cooper-style UFO kook!  (My favorite is the alien
ambassador who loved ice cream.  They swear it's true!)