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psychoceramics: Fwd: IUFO: DISPATCH #68 -- the weekly newsletter of ParaScope

>Rant of the Week: "Goofy + Hell"
>Every week we pick the wackiest, scariest, nastiest or funniest rant 
from the
>hundreds of letters received by us here at ParaScope headquarters, and
>present it to you as our Rant of the Week. This week, our old friend 
and Hall
>of Fame ranter, "Jerry" writes to us explaining the connection between 
>and Satanism. (As if that needed any explanation!) Enjoy.
>"Anyone displaying these cartoons are Satanist fighting to achieve 
>goal. The mission of Disney are Satanic. Mickey Mouse is a rat everyone 
>he is SATAN. Here is the web-address Disney got his cartoons from. I 
>this info doing a search engine on "+hell +Goofy" To find out what the
>New-Age movement is all about, read Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. 
>charming is the antichrist, and the Queen is a freemason with links to
>Maitreya and Elmer Fudd. Black helicopters followed me in Disneyland 
>Magic 'microwave' Mountain to EPCOT (New World Order headquarters)."
>[Reprinted with spelling and grammar goofs unchanged. Names changed to
>protect the ranters.]

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