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Re: psychoceramics: IUFO: dirty mail

At 2:29 pm +0100 23/9/97, N.A.F. McNelly wrote:
>At 2:20 PM 9/23/97, Dave Pigott wrote:
>>At 2:08 pm +0100 23/9/97, N.A.F. McNelly wrote:
>>>At 10:52 AM 9/23/97, Dave Pigott wrote:
>>>>This is from Charmaine. Such an eloquent lady. I think she's a little
>>>>upset. I didn't know the net *had* a legal department.
>>>I believe that would be John Grubor, Esq.
>>Really? Do you know this, or is this summation based on the style?
>Well, given that John is a (disbarred) lawyer, claims to have "invented
>the internet" and have the authority to run it in conjunction
>with the rest of the Kook Kabal, he seems like a natural for the job.

Oops. Now I get it. Sorry I didn't read the message properly. I thought you
were saying that Charmaine == Grubor. Phew. You had me worried there. :-)