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psychoceramics: RANT!



One of the longer single HTML pages I've seen, of which the following is just the first paragraph.

>According to the Latest Inside News Reports, the "Mark-of-the-Beast"
>System of Government will soon be Established, WORLDWIDE, just
>to Solve more than 20 Massive Problems. For example, because all Cash will be
>done away with, and every thing will have to be bought or sold by using that
>Mark-of-the-Beast Computer System, there will be no more Illegal Drug 
>Businesses in
>business: because there will be no Cash to trade for Drugs! Furthermore, 
>because there will
>be no Cash, there will be no Kidnappings for Ransom Money, no Black Market 
>dealing with Cash, no Illegal Immigration, no Tax Evasion, no Dead-beat 
>Dads skipping out
>on Child Payments, no Bad Checks, no Bad Credit Cards, no Stolen Cash, no 
>Bank Robberies
>for Cash, no Muggings for Cash, no Hold-ups at Stores for Cash, no Fraudulent
>Identification Cards, no need for any Passports, no need to Exchange one 
>kind of Currency
>for another kind, no need for Telephone Bills, no need for Electric Bills, 
>no need for any Bills,
>no need for Credit Cards, no need for Identification Cards, no need for 
>Driveršs Licenses, no
>need for writing out Checks to anyone, no need for Written Prescriptions 
>to get Legal Drugs,
>no need for Medicaid Cards, no need for Plane, Train, and Bus Tickets; no 
>Lost Tickets, no
>need for Wallets, no need for Burdensome Income Tax Reports, no need for 
>Handling Filthy
>Disease-spreading Money, no Lost People, no Counterfeit Money, no 
>Fraudulent Telephone...

>Calls, no Lost Escapees from Prisons, no need for FBI Most-Wanted-Lists, 
>less need for FBI
>and CIA Agents, less need for Government BureauRats, less need for 
>Political Campaign
>Funding, less need for Policemen, Judges, Lawyers, Prisons, and so on: 
>because that
>MARK-of-The-BEAST Numbering System will KNOW ALL and KEEP TRACK OF ALL*
>thanks to Computers. At least that is what we are TOLD by the Near-Future 
>Planners and
>Computer Wizards! Ask Multibillionaire Bill Computer Gates, if you Doubt 
>it; and
>Understand that this is very SERIOUS News: because it will Effect all 
>People on this Earth,
>who are not Able to Support themselves without using that Numbering System.

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