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Re: psychoceramics: (fwd) FLYING TRIANGLE - UPDATE

At 8:36 pm +0100 23/9/97, Ben Schofield wrote:
>More on those equilaterals... although it would be very nice if he
>were right!
>In uk.rec.ufo b--@e--.net (Adam Whaley) wrote...
>DRAFT ADDENDUM - Flying Triangle over Cardigan Bay - "NO FT, NO

Well, quite a lot of the physics is sound, and they missed one vital thing:
In 1954 a US government research group demonstrated that electricity *can*
defeat gravity. You take two parabolic dishes about a metre across, with
their curves oriented the same way, seperated by a distance of a 30cm or
so, and charge them both up, I thing a very large charge was required but I
don't remember the order of magnitude. They will then float. Research was
apparently abandoned due to the fact that the lift effect wasn't big enough
to be useful, and it was filed into the "interesting curiosity" department.

On the BBC about a year ago, they showed the footage of the experiment
(quite spooky, the dishes were bubble up, and there were four legs with
weights attached. It looked like an art deco, floating coffee table), and
said that NASA were now considering re-visiting the experiment, to see if
technological advances had moved us closer to making it useful.

You never know. :-)