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psychoceramics: Fwd: Film censorship conspiracy

I've been hearing about this guy for a while now, and find that he
fully lives up to the reports.

From: savetele @ aol.com (SAVETELE)
Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy
Subject: Film censorship conspiracy
Date: 29 Sep 1997 12:22:13 GMT

The conspirators are at it--trying to destroy our right to watch and enjoy
movies on video, broadcast and cable tv. They are using
"letterboxing"/(lettershlocking) to put black bars on the top and bottom of
the tv screen, blocking those portions of the screen so that you cannot
watch or enjoy the movie. They even use the lie of calling it "widescreen"
when the width of the screen remains the same, but the image is shrunk down
tiny between the black bars. They are seeking to impose this on us also
through HDTV (we must defeat that in the marketplace and by complaining to
the FCC) and by DVD players with built-in lettershlocking features (don't
buy DVD!). 
For the objective facts about lettershlocking censorship and how we can
and will defeat it, see our web page listed below. FREEDOM!

frequently asked questions about letterboxing