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psychoceramics: Re: The Cincinnati Group

At 8:34 AM -0700 on 9/26/97, owner-psychoceramics-d--@z--.net wrote:

> physicist and _Physical Review Letters_, in that order, but now it seems
> that much more entertaining possibilities exist....

Cosma, I think you know that Murray (Gell-Mann, to the rest of you) has
been dog this for years -- referring kooks to one another with a, "Well, I
don't know very much about what you're describing, but this fellow X---- is
doing very similar work. Here's his address." The main problem is that he
no longer bothers to maintain his files, so he can't contribute to my
Archive of Particularly Unsolicited Manuscripts. Be careful out there,
psychoceramicists, and keep good records!


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