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The Oxleymoron rides again

Pauline Hanson, fish and chip shop owner and founder of the xenophobic nativist One Nation party, is going back into politics on a policy of keeping Muslims out of Australia, because, you know, they're all rapists and terrorists at heart:
"I want a moratorium put on the number of Muslims coming into Australia," Ms Hanson told the Nine network. "People have a right to be very concerned about this because of the terrorist attacks that have happened throughout the world.
Hanson (who would undoubtedly swear up and down on a stack of bibles that she's not a racist) insists that Muslim women would support her, if they knew how they were being oppressed:
"Maybe we should look at the female genital mutilation that happens to young girls in this country ... if people want to live by these ways then go back to the Muslim countries."
Meanwhile, whilst we're on the subject of famous Australian bigots Spokeswomen for the Silent Majority, Dannii "Even some of the street signs are in Asian!" Minogue, who's now working as a judge on a TV talent show, has claimed that a contestant, who is a Muslim, will be disowned by her parents if they find out she's on the show, specifically mentioning the Islamic connection, and thus taking a story of fairly common family tensions and beating it up into another facet of a global clash of civilisations. I wonder whether One Nation are looking for celebrity candidates to run in high-profile seats...

There are 4 comments on "The Oxleymoron rides again":

Posted by: Bizarro Sun Aug 19 08:07:24 2007

Well, to be fair, in this case she's not being a racist. Islam is a religion not a race or ethnic group. She's just being an old fashioned bigot.

Posted by: acb Sun Aug 19 16:42:49 2007

That's true, though the stereotypical Muslim is usually from a different ethnic group, and ethnic stereotypes come into play.

Posted by: Martijn Sun Aug 19 22:21:46 2007

Not sure if it made the news outside the country, but in the Netherlands, there's this MP (whose party got 9/150 parlementary seats and they might double that in the next elections), who said the Qur'an is as bad (and fascist) as Mein Kampf and therefore asked for it to be forbidden.

Posted by: Bizarro Fri Aug 24 11:43:55 2007

The Qu'ran is boring, repetitive, inconsistent and is most certainly not the word of god 'revealed' by an angel. This doesn't mean it should be banned, but at the same time I shouldn't have to risk being stoned or shot for having said the above... anywhere.

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