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100 Best Icelandic albums (according to someone)

An Icelandic music website has put online streamable copies of the 100 best Icelandic pop/rock albums, according to a team of experts. These will be accessible until the end of the month (it's apparently part of a vote organised by the Icelandic state broadcaster); for those confused by the panoply of unfamiliar, oddly-charactered band names, MetaFilter has a guide to some of these bands.

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Posted by: Niall Fri May 8 15:35:10 2009

Interesting to see Paul Oscar included in the list alongside conventional "indie" choices like Björk and Sigur Ros. If Icelandic pop is your thing, I'd also recommend Selma Björnsdóttir, Svala, Steed Lord, Haffi Haff, Birgitta Haukdal, Regina Osk, Friðrik Ómar and Eurobandið. There's also Silvia Night, though that's a matter of taste...

Posted by: Gleb Kalinin Sat May 9 23:24:24 2009

Are you sure they are free? The albums are added to basket, which seems not to work for anyone outside Iceland anyway, saying that „Music can only be purchased in Iceland from If you are located abroad you can use (Eingöngu er hægt að kaupa tónlist á Tó á Íslandi).“

Posted by: acb Mon May 11 08:54:57 2009

They're free to stream, not (AFAIK) to download.