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psychoceramics: Two Australian magazines

I have recently found out that two somewhat weird magazines from Australia
have Web sites.

New Dawn Magazine:   http://www.omen.com.au/mystical/newdawn.html

  This is a sort of left-wing paranoid magazine, which publishes
  a lot of articles about the New World Order, conspiracies, 
  Big Brother, surveillance, mind control, UFOs and the like.
  They also may have some connection with the Libyan government,
  as they sold copies of Qadhafi's Green Book, and published articles
  once touting Libya as the world's only true democracy which is being
  persecuted because it did not borrow from the World Bank and thus allow
  the Gnomes of Zurich a say in running its affairs.

Nexus Magazine:  http://www.peg.apc.org/~nexus/

  Somewhat glossier and more approachable than New Dawn, Nexus 
  publishes a lot of stories about conspiracies, suppressed 
  free energy/cancer cures, "alternative" science, the New World Order
  and other such topics.  Not sure if Nexus actually has an ideological
  position (as New Dawn certainly does), other than perhaps "trust on one".

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