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psychoceramics: HumanoApes and Ed Wood movies

"Home?  I have no home.  ... the jungle is my home.  But I shall 
prove myself to be its master.  I shall create a race of atomic 
supermen... and take over the world"
			-- (an approximation to) the monologue by the
			   mad scientist played by Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood's 
			   _Bride of the Atom_  (Alas, I forgot the part
			   in which he says something like "first hailed 
			   as a genius then rejected by the scientific 
			   establishment as a madman" or something.)

"The USA prides itself on being a nation tops in the sciences. 
But to a large extent the USA is chock full of religious fanatics. 
Witness the RU abortion pill and witness the Scopes trials 
over Darwinism. The USA seems to have religion majority that 
thwarts good science. Thereby noting my reservations about the 
USA, I may be severely prejudiced by the USA patent office and 
the country as a whole. I will need a well stocked laboratory to 
perform the world's first human clone, in addition, to make the 
world's first HumanoChimp a cross between a human (my sperm) 
and a chimpanzee for which the resultant HumanoChimp is
fertile and I expect to release it back into the wild.  I feel and 
know the USA is just not ready for this science work. Too many 
bigoted and fanatics out there. One only needs to read my 
newsgroup or check out the listings to the world wide web 
under Archimedes Plutonium (that's me) to see that I have a 
whole cadre of spite and hate mongers."

			-- Archimedes Plutonium, "World's first
			   Human Clone, plan, techniques, and methods",
			   sci.bio.misc and others, 29 Dec 1995 
	(also at http://mmm.dartmouth.edu/pages/user/plutonium/File2.7.html)

Notice the similarities?

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