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psychoceramics: Bizarre IRC conversation

The following happened on an (unnamed) IRC channel this morning.
All names have been changed to protect the innocent/guilty.

<d------> you want to be a chicken or a man?
<d------> ever seen a farmers wife?
<d------> have you ever been thinking of say a plate of shrimp
<d------> and then some one says plate, or shrimp, or plate of shrimp
<d------> thats a pretty color
<d------> it hurts but you cant place it
<d------> it just burns till you put it out then its too late any way
<d------> its there but who could sya otherwise?
<d------> ill ask you this?
<d------> have you ever bought clothes?
<d------> well there you are, your stuck, cash it in your done
<d------> like fleas only smaller
<d------> they dig and you think well how many can there be?
<d------> more then the orgional batch Ill they you that much
<d------> they build them selves, or is it grow never the less they are there,
<d------> they mine you and take your life not alot but just enough to live a
<d------> they use you to make more, and more, where do you think cancer comes
<d------> and those are the weak ones
> what are they?
<d------> nanites
> nanites?
<m----> i thought you were talking about sprouts.
<d------> they more powerful ones are powered with radioactive substances
<d------> no
<d------> they live as awhole
<d------> ya know
<d------> very unexplained
*** d------ has left channel #xxxxx

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