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Re: psychoceramics: (fwd) Re: I seek a lab to make the worlds first Human Clone and

In article <199601041438.BAA--@m--.cs.monash.edu.au>

> Just when you think Plutonium can't get any kookier, he does.
> In article <4c9ru0$e--@d--.dartmouth.edu>
> Archimedes.P--@d--.edu (Archimedes Plutonium) writes:
> > > I seek a science lab in the world where I can make the world's first
> > > Cloned Human. 
> > > 
> > > And/or a lab where I can make the worlds first cross between Human and
> > > Apes.
>   I need a lab that has a supply of human eggs, obviously. 

Hmm... In another post Archie said he'd use his own sperm for his "HumanoApe"
creation.  Here he says he needs _human_ eggs for his human-ape cross.  So,
does that mean that he thinks....  :-)