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psychoceramics: Xenophobic Persecution in the U.K.

   ``Exposing a Campaign of Persecution by the Security Services''

``For six years, a secret campaign of persecution has been waged by
the British security services against a UK citizen.  The harassment is
widely known about within the UK, yet there exists an Omerta
suppressing its publication.''

``The first incident in June 1990 was when a BBC newsreader made what
seemed to be a reaction to something which had happened in my home,
and out of context of what they were reading.  My first reaction was
disbelief; nothing of the sort had ever happened before, the idea that
such a thing could occur had not crossed my mind, yet there was no
doubt of what had just taken place.  My disbelief eroded as this
recurred time after time...''

``Once I stopped watching television and listening to the radio at the
end of 1990, "they" had to find other ways of committing abuses...''


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