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psychoceramics: INVASION!

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>Subject: INVASION!!!!! (fwd)
>Date: Sun, 26 May 1996 15:29:22 -0700
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Date: 21 May 1996 00:18:05 -0400
From: Mahmoud sarmast <s @ frt3.scri.fsu.edu>
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors, alt.conspiracy, alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: INVASION!!!!!

	This is to inform you all about the events that have been
happening to me over the past few weeks...As you may already know, the CIA
has my phone tapped and is running the computer system I am using...They
and my enemies have continued their devious intrusion into my affairs,
mainly by continually switching the phone lines between my real family,
and that of the clones of my family...Tonight they went too far, as
previously my nieces and nephew were spared from being replaced, but when
I called my sisters in Kansas City, the line clicked before it was
answered, and a clone of my niece spoke to me...I am not going to take
this kind of abuse anymore, and I can tell you on VERY good authority that
my enemies will not survive the summer...I have been told this by God, who
has previously taken my moms place in Iran, along with Jesus and other
angels, who have taken the places of other members of my family...I can
say with complete confidence that the bad guys are gonna LOSE!!!!!


CAROLYN HELPS:   BE GRATEFUL!!  At least they didnt replace your dool!