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Re: psychoceramics: FW: The Dalai Lama.....

RE: more hollow-earth speculations....

From: Jan Lamprecht on Thu, Jun 6, 1996 7:25 PM
Subject: The Dalai Lama.....

I am going to see the Dalai Lama when he visits Pasadena in July.  If I get 
the opportunity, I shall ask him about Shamballah being the capital of the 
Hollow Earth.

Also, I would like to buy a copy of the Hollow Earth Video -- How may I go 
about obtaining one...etc.

I recall a truly dedicated psychoceramicist from South Africa by the name of
Jan Lambrecht who, some years ago, regaled participants in a number of
CompuServe discussion groups regarding links between the then-approaching end
of apartheid, the increasing number of UFO sightings worldwide, and an
apocalyptic all-out nuclear attack on the West he claimed was being prepared
by the Soviet Politburo, which was, according to documents he claimed to have
in his possession, still in complete control of the former Soviet Union. The
end of the Cold War, per the dear boy, was just a false surrender intended to
lure their enemies into complacency.
I wonder if Mr. L. thinks he'll find his Warlords of the Apocalypse hiding
out in Shambala...