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psychoceramics: Today's Mathematics

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>Subject: Today's Mathematics (6-4-96)
>Date: 4 Jun 1996 17:33:23 GMT
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Subject: * Today's Mathematics (6-4-96)

(here is a Reflection concerning past discussions on the New World Order,
"free"masonry, secret societies, conspiracies, etc. concerning interaction
of Black People (Original Man) and White People (devil) throughout written

Peace, I come in the Name of Divine Ruler Equality Allah (Jah-Z).  Today's
Mathematics is Culture Freedom.  

Why did we run Yacub and his "made" devil from the root of civilization 
over the hot Arabian desert into the caves of Western Asia, which they now call
Europe?  What is the meaning of EU and ROPE?  How long ago?  What did the devil
take with him and how long before Musa came to teach them of their forgotten

Because he started trouble amongst the righteous people, accusing the righteous
people (People already on the Square, which is Truth) 
of telling lies, causing them to fight and kill one another.  
Yacub was an Original Black Man, and the father of the devil.  He taught the 
devil to do this devilishment.  (The Black Man is the Father of Civilization
and Tricknowledge both)

The root of civilization is in Arabia at the Holy City of
Mecca, (In the East, at the God's Rest.  Where ever God rests, there is Mecca,
or furtile soil.  God's Cipher and Square are equivalent in degrees, which
are 360, which is the root of civilization.  In the East, there is Light, which
is Knowledge, the Foundation)

meaning where the Knowledge and Wisdom of the Original Man 
(1= Knowledge  2 = Wisdom  0 = 0riginal) 
was first taught, ever since the planet was founded.  

We ran the devil over the hot Arabian desert.  We took everything from him 
except his language and made him walk every step of the way.
(Ask a Muslim Shriner how he crossed the "burning sands", was it by foot or by
camel?  We drove him over on camel while he walked on foot.  We "pledged" him.)

This was 2,200 miles (which Borns Culture Freedom, which is what this degree
is.  This is how the devil had the earn the right to B on the Square again,
through 35-50 years of study in the Lodge and Temple, which also Borns
Culture Freedom).

He became savage and lived in the caves of Europe.  EU means hillside and
ROPE means the rope to bind them in.  This was 6,019 years ago (from 1934.  The
devils "civilization" or limitation expires at Equality, which is 1914, Self
is Savior, Now or Never, which in the Asiatic Calender is 15000.  These Both
Born Equality).

Musa came 2000 years later to teach them how to live a respectable life, how
to BUILD a home for himself 
(Freemasonry = Free Building, Musa, or Moses, meaning "of the water" or the 
Wisdom, being a Student and Professor of the Ancient Egyptian "Discovery" 
System, not a mystery, which teaches operative and speculative Architecture
and Masonry, based on Mathematics, which is I Self Lord And Master.  The
Degree of Master in Alphabet borns Culture Freedom, 4 corners of a Square.)

and other tricknowledge (extra dilution and tampering) that Yacub had taught 
them such as devilishment, lying, stealing, and how to Master the Original Man 
(Get a Master's Degree in " True" Blue Lodge Freemasonry, or getting the
"Master's wages" without working for them.  Is college "FREEmasonry" or do
U pay tuition?  Associative, Bachelor, Master's "degree", or Doctorate 
Philosophy, PhD.  A Mortar Board is Square, a Tassle is a plumb line, keep
your head Level, graduation is sublime.  A graduated thermometer, marked of
in degrees, 33 is liquid, 32, you freeze)

Musa was a Half-Original Man, a prophet, who was predicted by the 23 Scientists 
(this is the Way (Wisdom) in which The Power or Refinement places the planet
Earth at degree of axial tilt with its plane of revolution around the Sun, 
which borns the Asiatic Calender, every 25,000 years, which Borns God.
Power from the Alphabet is Knowledge Equality, which Borns God.) 

15,019 years ago. (from 1934.  1914 AD = 15000 Asiatic Calendar).

Free Building in and of itself is not bad, but tampering with its Foundation
will cause the Building to be Destroyed.  One if by Egypt, Two if by England.
Knowledge is First, Black Men are Free Men.


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