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psychoceramics: My brain is naked

From: Scott_Waterman @ notes.pw.com
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 96 11:54:24 PDT
Subject: My brain is naked
Sender: silent-tristero-a--@w--.std.com

[received in response to a call for papers]

Dear Friends,

With the situation that the brain and nerve system poisoning, you and your
family could be the next victim even before you, your family your employer
and your friends notice anything. You may be watched because your brain is
"naked". Your rights including your rights to your intellectual property
may be violated and you don't even know.

This could happen anywhere in the United States. So, I urge you join
LMH International, fight for your own rights and bring those who have
violated your rights to justice.

To learn more about LMH International, you are welcome to visit our home
page at


We welcome your questions or comments.


Minghao Lee
LMH International

--ts unfortunately, the web page is nearly contentless.
 There is a plea for donations to the fight against human rights abuse, though.
 ... in Minghao's name

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