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psychoceramics: THE NWO's hideous tendrils...

I picked this up from a by-subscrition-only listserve that dispenses
information about tax and investing laws.  Expect ot see some distorted
version of this in every anti-NWO rant in the near future.

>WASHINGTON -- The Gvoernment said today that using its new authority  it
planned >to make paying income taxes so easy that taxpayers need do
nothing more than >allow the Internal Revenue Service to dip into their
bank accounts in early 1999.

>...The Gvoernment wanted more people to file returns electronically to
lower >processing costs and reduce the error rate.  With debit payments
the Government >hope sto give taxpayers a stronger incentive to file

I don't know how, but I'm sure someone will link this into the
everpresent "mark of the beast" falderall.

Nathan Shumate