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psychoceramics: Killer Robot police

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>>From:	Hildebran, Cameron 
>>Sent:	Friday, September 12, 1997 1:02 PM
>>To:	Daly, Chris
>>We Can Put A Man On The Moon, But We Can't Make Killer Robot Police?By 
>>Frederick Taxpayer 
>>      Every time I watch the news, I see another story about all the
>>wonderful things NASA is doing in outer space. I know, I know, it's 
>>supposed to be very impressive and exciting. But to be honest, it just 
>>my blood. I mean, the federal government can put a man on the moon, 
but it
>>can't build a killer robot police force to keep the cars from roaring 
down my
>>street at 45 miles per hour? What kind of priorities do we have in 
>>      Just the other day, there was a big article in the Danville
>>Tribune-Gleaner about the growing truancy problem among our town's 
>>And then I read in USA Today how the government is spending $40 
billion on
>>outer-space surveillance satellites. Couldn't they put some of that 
>>money to better use by constructing space-based laser cannons in 
>>orbit above Danville High to make sure our schoolchildren aren't 
>>      And for a fraction of what NASA spends on all that Mars rover 
>>business, I could have a radio-wave-controlled stun gun that would 
>>stop those kids from stealing all the fruit off my Paula Red apple 
>>      It is painfully obvious that the government has the money and 
>>to build a high-energy force field around every single American, yet 
>>doesn't. I mean, when I'm out grocery shopping, it's darn near 
impossible to
>>keep my belongings secure. Are a few measly cameras in the corners of 
>>Foodland really going to deter a thief? What about my handbag? The 
>>in my wallet of little Kevin and Annie are irreplaceable! (I'm only 
going to
>>be a grandmother once, you know! Unless, of course, the government 
>>gets on the ball with those cryogenic pods.) 
>>      And that Hubble telescope, there's a real beaut. Who needs to 
know if
>>there's life out in space trillions of light years away, anyway? As 
long as
>>the spacemen don't come running through my yard right after it rains, 
>>inch-deep footprints in my lawn like the Jiminez boys do, I don't care 
>>they are! If only NASA had aimed that telescope at Danville instead of 
>>you can bet my new azalea bushes wouldn't have been destroyed. 
>>      It's shameful the way our downtown has been allowed to 
degenerate, what
>>with soda-pop cans and candy-bar wrappers strewn on the sidewalks 
>>Just thinking about all the millions spent on that Mir station gets me 
in a
>>dither when I look around Danville and see trash everywhere, with no
>>retractable vacuum-dome to suck it up. 
>>      And it sure would cut down on those ill-mannered smokers who 
light up
>>right next to "No Smoking" signs if their cigarettes were knocked from 
>>hands by hovering cybernetic space bees. I have asthma, you know! 
>>      If I can't demand killer robot police, then the least I can 
expect is a
>>laser-powered servo-motored patrol-bot for my garage. How else will I 
know if
>>it's a robber or just a raccoon rustling around out there late at 
night? I
>>understand that in Sweden, every citizen is guaranteed a patrol-bot. 
But here
>>in the world's richest nation, we go without! The sheer wastefulness 
of our
>>government makes me sick!

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