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psychoceramics: Swan

A local San Francisco Kook I don't recall having
seen mentioned here before.

For many years, there's been a tall, grey bearded fellow,
long hair tied back with a headband, calling himself Swan 
hanging around the corner of 16th and Valencia in the Mission 
District, distributing 8.5x11 xeroxed, handwritten screeds 
advocating just about everything.

He had been living for some time in a disfunctional,
fenderless white VW Bug usually parked in front of the
Albion Bar. He would dutifully push the car across the
street every Thursday when the street cleaners came
through, but that still didn't stop the local police
from towing it every now and again. Both it and he
disappeared a couple of years ago, and I was worried.

There used to be rumors that he had once been a
reporter for some news organization or other long ago,
but I never asked him. I was back in the neighborhood
this afternoon doing too much coffee in a little cafe,
when he walked in with the familiar stack of copies.
He's looking a little worse for the wear, missing teeth
and such.

The stack of papers contained his most recent publications.
Each sheet a different "edition".  Each on white paper,
black ink in two lengthwise columns, dense handwriting
with a thick marker, little pictures usually of birds
or cars. He must have thousands of these by now, there
seems to be a new one every day.

The following is a transcripition of today's edition.
His handwriting varies from upper to lower case with
abandon. I've been completely unfaithful to
capitalization here, for fear of making it look too
much like standard usenet RANTing, which is not the
actual effect.

There's a copyright, but when he gave it to me he
muttered, "I hope you'll email this to CBS News;" and
this is pretty close, no?


EXODUS Magazine (c)jmr

Messiah Proposes Happy Lucky Exodus Plan For
Mankind  .For Release.

Messiah proposed most of man goes home, eats food,
takes dream-love chem, sex, love, dream backrub,
pre-see heaven for 90-180 days... then kneels at
holy guillotine at wharf or hill or field... + X's
out....  giving the bodies to the fish + flies...
in holy payment for eating creatures.

During this time, people + farmers would plant
trees, fruit + nut trees + what creatures eat, for
them.  We would leave the houses + barns to the
roaches, mice + rats. Chickens would be set free +
some new hogs + cows, in right climates. Others
would also get the dream-chem -- and come with us.

Do not cling to this tacky burger junky larvae
stage, humans, sd Navy Agent Ratliff, or Messiah
(lone star Swan).

Hugging these tawdry knickknacks, rider mowers and
furry pinball muhsheens...

Avocado RRReeefridgeratoRRR... and NNNaughahyde

Growing older and OLDERRR... your very souls
withering and yes aginggg!!! _Sucked_ _off_ by
heavy gravity Earth!!!

Feeble, toothless!!! wrinkled and ollddd! Now it's
blue tubes up yer =NOSE=! Wheelchair and peebag
diaper nursing home!! Hand tied to the wheelchair
to keep you from Masturbating!

It is I Napoleon!!!  ...At your service.