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psychoceramics: Cap the Pyramid!

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>James Furia is on Dave Allen right now discussing the secret 
>mathematical codes of the Giza pyramid and how it relates to music 
>and our future and the Bible mathematics etc--he mentioned a while 
>ago that something is going to happen in 98--didnt sound good by his 
> hes called here a few times and i think ill call in tonite and find 
>out what he thinks would happen if we recapped the Giza pyramid with 
>a crystal --and since he says hes been talking to Hoagland ill pick 
>his brain for the latest  on diggings at the Sphinx -since i can 
>hardly stand to listen to Art Bell anymore because of his commercials
>  On the other radio im taping Maureen Jones --daughter or a former 
>Calif senator--discussing the poisoning of our water with 
>flouride--you know it reduces fertility and kills people too--Aids 
>wasnt fast enough so now we will have more crap to deal with--thanks 
>to the Nazis in the state Capitola-Pete Wilson and his gang of facist 
>criminals--they are going to take our cars too--Calif is an 
>experimental state for a lot of things-
> and keep yer eyes on maryland as well--they are going to do away 
>with county government and go to NGOs--according to Joan Veon--more 
>experimentation to see just how much the sleeping masses will put up 
>with--of course they are all busy drinking Bud and watching hypnotic 
>depraving Tell-A-Vision programing and they dont care--and one day 
>they will wake up and America will be gone and so will their so 
>called freedoms and 5 billion people--and im not talking about the 
>Rapture--im talking about planned global genocide-
>its all disgustingly true
> why should i care when so many dont
> good question
> ----i really dont know--i just know that i do
> and even though i feel as if--the odds are insurmountable--as long 
>as i have breath in me--i will try and alert as many  as i can about 
>the dangers we are in
>On 11 Sep 97 at 0:06, ROGER L. SCHERRER wrote:
>Hi Char, The Roswell Concert would be for July 1998.
>I am wondering if the world we know will still be here
>in July 1998. I kinda doubt it. I am watching lotsa things
>and I sure have a lot of questions. But it's fun to plan
>for a good future.

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