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psychoceramics: Demons, Angels, Oh Boy

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>From: Alan deWalton <a--@h--.com>
>To: Borislav Belovarski i--@i--.co.za
>Subject: Re: Angelic Encounter
>Date: Wednesday, September 03, 1997 4:15 AM
>Hi Boris;
>I know many people who say they have been 'abducted' by aliens,=20
>but I believe they were abducted by DEMONS.  You see, if Satan=20
>could use the SERPENT in Eden, and possess that serpent and make=20
>it talk to Eve, would not that be like an 'alien'?  What if the=20
>serpent 'race' has descendants and what if Satan's demons possess=20
>THAT race?  These demons would have 'bodies' yes, but they would=20
>be corrupted.  I know people who say that some of the aliens they=20
>have met look like lizards or serpents.  I believe they are real,=20
>but I believe that they are a demonic race that LIES to those who=20
>they 'contact'.  I know of people who have been told by these alien=20
>'serpent people' that there is no God, that they created us and=20
>put us on this planet, that we are inferior to them, that they=20
>are our saviors who will lead us to a new world order, that there=20
>are many gods, and that we can become like them one day if we=20
>learn the occult teachings that they would give us -- those=20
>occult practices which God FORBIDS, by the way.
>If there are human aliens outside of this planet, then they=20
>MUST have originally come from earth and be children of Adam and=20
>Eve.  If other kinds of aliens exist, then they must also have=20
>come from earth too, maybe the children of the serpent.  God says=20
>that EVERY AND ALL beings and life were originally created on=20
>planet earth and NO WHERE ELSE.  For these so-called 'aliens'=20
>to tell people that our ancestors came from another planet is=20
>a LIE and an horrible offense to God's true and Holy WORD.
>Thank you for your courage in relating your vision of the angel.
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>From: vacant <v--@s--.umt.edu>
>To: Borislav Belovarski <i--@i--.co.za>
>Subject: Re: Angelic Encounter
>Date: Friday, September 05, 1997 7:46 AM
>This disturbs us here at watcher...
>Yes, there are "aliens" who look like serpents, who abductees call the
>Serpent race of "aliens", BUT they did not evolve to be that way and 
they are
>not a "race". They are merely one of many forms that the demons 
>engineer to inhabit them, and further their deception. Physical 
"aliens" of
>all types are just disguises created by the demons themselves. They did 
>evolve to look that way, and they were not created by God and then 
>might seem like a "serpent race" is just a bunch of hybrid bodies 
>engineered b= y demons to LOOK like serpents or reptillians (or blond
>Nordictype aliens, or mantislike insectoid aliens, or grey aliens, or
>fetus-like aliens etc)= , because they want to fool humans into just 
this kind
>of thinking. All of the different seeming "races of aliens" are really 
>the same place, and the variety is there to confuse us humans.
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>From: b--@p--.com
>To: Borislav Belovarski <i--@i--.co.za>
>Date: Thursday, September 04, 1997 4:36 PM
>Dear Borislav:
>The theme of "The Watchers" is not confined to the Book of=20
>Jubilees....Enoch also has much material...it is in his era that the=20
>tales are told. see also the Genesis Apocryphon and the Book of=20
>I actually did an hour lecture on the subject once upon a time.
>My son who is the video man has all the equipment in England and I 
>in the U.S. When do you need the material.
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>From: YAHWEH--@a--.com
>To: i--@i--.co.za
>Date: Friday, September 05, 1997 4:33 PM
>Have patience, my friend. I believe that if Angels are heavenly beings 
se= nt
>from God, and if aliens are demonic and sent from Satan....that I will 
ha= ve
>more than enough material for you to write your entire movie. (And a 
coup= le
>of sequels.) I will send you Biblical evidence for the involvement of 
>with the angels since the beginning & Satan's involvements with the 
dark side
>sinc= e the beginning, in my research called: PRINCES, GOOD & EVIL. I 
>Biblically prove Jesus' role as Commander of the Heavenly Host (angels) 
in my
>guide: THE ANGEL OF THE LORD. And you will see once you have read T= HE 
>OF THE BIBLE, just how the unholy and unnatural offspring of the fallen 
>and human females get into the history of mankind. They did surv ive 
the Great
>Flood, just as the Bible teaches us, and were probably the stuff that 
>mythology is inspired from. Angels announce themselves to people when 
they are
>seen, and people are told n ot to be afraid. Demons scare people and 
try to
>deceive them, and they ca= n appear as angels of light. Satan has been
>insanely jealous of Jesus' position with God since he was created 
>Jesus was not created, He is Divin= e. Once you have reviewed THE 
>THE BIBLE, I will send you PRINCES, GOOD AND EVIL, and then THE ANGEL 
>LORD. These studies will be fantastic in VR/SR...and anyone in the 
world could
>have "their socks blown off!" because they would be so vivid and 
awesome! I
>knew that God had something special in mind when He asked me to write
>them...but I just wasn't sure for what...until now.
>Steven B.
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>From: Alan deWalton <a--@h--.com>
>To: i--@i--.co.za
>Cc: YAHWEH--@a--.com; alandewalton@hotmail.com; bible@INETWORLD.NET;
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>UFOLAWYER--@a--.com; qadas.com@quality.qadas.com; 
> Subject: Re: Angelic Encounter and=20
>Date: Friday, September 05, 1997 11:43 PM
>Hi Boris;
>I guess the misunderstanding I made is this.  Since the demons=20
>use reptilian 'genetics' to create biological 'bodies' to=20
>possess -- maybe with more than a little help with human=20
>collaborators -- then IN A SENSE their bodies are descended from=20
>the reptilian race of Eden.  I never said these reptilian-type=20
>demons 'evolved' from the serpent.  In fact IF the original=20
>serpent was an intelligent creature [maybe like a veloci-raptor]=20
>as the Word suggests in saying it was THE MOST SUBTILE of all=20
>the animals, then it may not have needed to 'evolve' at all but=20
>more or less remained the same as it was from the beginning.  In=20
>other words the original serpent MAY have been a reptilian 'Grey'=20
>for all I know.  But if not, the demons have USED reptilian=20
>and other DNA to re-create bodies.  Another thought.  If you=20
>read the ancient texts of India they tell how humans developed=20
>occult sciences which supposedly allowed them to create air=20
>ships and nuclear weapons and so on.  As Solomon said "There=20
>is no new thing under the sun."  Could ancient humans, possibly=20
>motivated by demons, have actually left this planet in the=20
>past?  I'm not saying for certain that they did, HOWEVER IF=20
>evidence of humans on other planets did turn up, they would=20
>merely be colonists from OUR OWN planet, whether as part of=20
>some 'Alternative 3' experiment, or an earlier civilizations=20
>similar efforts along those lines.  Throughout history ALL=20
>of the most intelligent scientists have been 'brain-drained'=20
>from the rest of society and initiated into closed secret and=20
>hidden societies in order to pool their knowledge.  So whose=20
>to say what may have become of some of these secret scientific=20
>colonies?  What IF they managed to colonize the moon or Mars=20
>or whatever, I don't see any conflict with the WORD, SO LONG=20
>AS they originally came from planet earth in the first place.
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>Wish this will be your respond!

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