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psychoceramics: psychoceramic: Killer Groupies

Some of you may be aware of Sondra London's recent problems with AOL.
The short version: Sondra maintained web pages for serial killers
to express themselves.  Mark Klass called for a boycott of AOL
unless they were taken down.  AOL caved in.  Sondra still sends
posts from serial killers to alt.true-crime and mails back the
responses, as she has in the past.

I'm not going to go into the "Killer Pages" (men who use heads as
bookends strike me as being somewhere way beyond kookdom), but
Sondra is a member of a very small class of kooks who could benefit
from a self-help book on the order of "Women Who Love Men Who
Dismember Women".

In her youth, she lost her virginity to a fellow who subsequently
went on to kill a number of women in particularly unpleasant ways.
She has spent much time since chatting with various inhabitants of
death row.  Most recently, she became engaged (and then unengaged,
but still friends) to Dan Rolling, the "Gainesville Ripper".  There
is a heart-warming pic of Rolling singing to London in court at:


(BTW, Rolling has now found Jesus - if we let him out, he'll
never, ever cut women's heads off again)

AOL may have given her trouble, but now she's got her own domain:

For more killer groupies, see Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme and
Sandra Good's web site.  They do nice embroidery and, of course,
still love Charlie:


Nancy McNelly
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