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psychoceramics: Re: Fwd: Aether Tectonics; Space shuttle photos of water waves on earth

>From: t--@o--.net (Ross Tessien)
>Newsgroups: alt.sci.physics.new-theories
>Subject: Aether Tectonics; Space shuttle photos of water waves on earth
>Date: 27 Sep 1997 02:24:20 GMT
>See images taken from the Space Shuttle at the web sites below;


>subtle waves can be observed.  
>What you are seeing are a series of waves on the ocean.  The typical 
>properties are a wavelength of 10 km with a speed of 8 km/hr.  The wave 
>height is only about 10 cm.  In other words, a ship on the water would 
>never know these waves were even there, but from space, you can see 

>I can think of no phenomena that should give rise to these waves, based 
>a lunar interaction or any other gravitational phenomena.  Those should 
>all be smooth transitions with a 12 hour period.  These have an ~80 

Obviously you are not familiar with the current schedule of R'yleh 
rising from the South pacific. Great Cthulhu, who lies dreaming in his 
house, is clearly the cause of the 'el Nino' effect.

This can be proven by the attempts of the world's governments to get 
into space all of a sudden, establish a presence on Mars becasue they 
know Earth is doomed within a few short years. 

Ever since Bill Gates incorporated parts of The Necronomicon innocuously 
into various microsoft windows sourcecodes the avalanche of doom and 
destruction has been growing and will coem to a head sometime soon. We 
are all doomed.


J. Schmidt

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