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psychoceramics: Fwd: Aether Tectonics; Space shuttle photos of water waves on earth

From: tessien @ oro.net (Ross Tessien)
Newsgroups: alt.sci.physics.new-theories
Subject: Aether Tectonics; Space shuttle photos of water waves on earth
Date: 27 Sep 1997 02:24:20 GMT

See images taken from the Space Shuttle at the web sites below;

As I have said in the past, aether is flowing out of the sun due to the 
reactions in the core and due to the first law of the aether ocean 
universe that Aether is Conserved in all interactions.  Thus, fusion 
reactions must release aether.  This means that aether must flow out of 
the sun in commensurate quantity as that released.

We have observed that the sun manifests acoustic oscillations with 160 
minutes being an important major harmonic, see the GONG experiment onboard 
SOHO for details.  This makes 80 minutes and 40 minutes the half and 
quarter wave periods, while 160 minutes is the full cycle of the wave 

If aether is pulsing out of the sun at these periodicities, then the 
earth, being a huge ball of aether vortices (atoms), is sloshing back and 
forth in that "aether  ocean tidal", motion in our solar system.  So the 
fact that the earth is additionally rotating, means that this action is 
being imparted to the earth along a radial line joining the sun earth 
system, and so there is a rotational precession of the position on the 
earth surface, of maximal connection to the earth sun radial motion in the 
aether ocean.  

Thus, if you have a channel of water, and you have a bulk tidal flow in 
and out of that channel due to the lunar tides.  And then you superpose on 
top of that an earth sun radial tidal motion with an 80 minute period for 
the half wave motion, then you should expect that you would find some long 
wavelength waves forming in the ocean as a result of the earth sloshing to 
and fro away from and toward the sun due to the aether oceans motions.

This wave motion has indeed been observed.

See the list of images here, and the three below in particular.  They are 
at the bottom of the list located at the first web site. These images are 
from the space shuttle, taken from a vantage point from which these very 
subtle waves can be observed.  





What you are seeing are a series of waves on the ocean.  The typical wave 
properties are a wavelength of 10 km with a speed of 8 km/hr.  The wave 
height is only about 10 cm.  In other words, a ship on the water would 
never know these waves were even there, but from space, you can see them 

~10km / 8km/hr = 75 minutes  ~= 80 minutes

The period is within the known error bars, but I need to look into this 
phenomena better to state this with a greater confidence level.  Note that 
the waves come in series of from 4 to 8 waves.  And that 8 waves 
corresponds to 11 hours, or, the time required for the lunar tides to 
reverse, and therefore for the direction of emission of these waves to 

I can think of no phenomena that should give rise to these waves, based on 
a lunar interaction or any other gravitational phenomena.  Those should 
all be smooth transitions with a 12 hour period.  These have an ~80 minute 

Here is an analogy that may help this phenomena make sense.  Suppose that 
you have a bunch of water in the sea behind a straight, ie Gibralter!  
Now, think of the sea as a sort of bucket of water, and the straight as 
being the lip of that bucket out of which the water can pour.  Now, 
imagine that you are holding that bucket in your hands and you have tipped 
the bucket so that the water is just at the edge of the lip of the bucket. 

Now, start translating  the bucket back and forth horizontally, keeping 
the orientation of the bucket to horizontal fixed.  What you will do is to 
set up a back and forth wave that will slosh water out of the bucket on 
each cycle as you accelerate the bucket away from the side with the lip.  
The water, wanting to remain stationary, will slosh over the lip and out 
onto the ground.

What you are seeing in these photographs are the waves created from 
sloshing the water out of the Mediteranian sea, due to the entire earth 
being sloshed back and forth by the suns aether emissions pulsations.

This same motion, I believe, is the driving force for plate tectonics, 
ocean currents and a number of other phenomena.  To grasp this consider 
the dynamics or look up some of my old posts regarding Plate Tectonics due 
to aether pulsations out of the sun.  Mountain ranges, for example, form 
where the sloshing of the suns motions send continents colliding into one 
another.  Note that the earths rotation and the suns oscillations are 
almost perfectly timed.  ie, the 160 minute period of solar surface 
oscillation divides evenly into the earths rotational period, or, solar 

Later, Ross Tessien