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psychoceramics: For Christian Abductees: Coming to Grips with the Aliens

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> Subj:	 (Fwd) For Christian Abductees: Coming to Grips with the Aliens
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> Subject:       For Christian Abductees: Coming to Grips with the 
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> Hi Billy and friends;
> Just how is one to adhere to the belief that the HOLY BIBLE  
> is the infallible and inspired WORD OF GOD, yet at the same 
> time come to grips with the evidence of PHYSICAL ALIENS and   
> technology inhabiting other star systems, without consigning 
> ALL OF IT into the catagory of immaterial demonic manifestations?  
> I believe that the following theoretical chronology may help 
> those Christians who are having problems coming to terms with 
> all of the 'seeming' contradictions between the two. 
> Sincerely;
> Alan
> [The following chronology is based on claims made by abductees, 
> contactees, traditions, and holy scripture.  Note: The dates given 
> are estimates, and are not necessarily the exact time-periods in 
> question.  This is an experimental chronology and should not be 
> considered complete]
>        4000 B.C. -- Jehovah creates Adam and Eve as perfect 
> prototype human beings with possible I.Q.'s nearing 1000 (source: 
> the Holy Bible - book of Genesis)
>        3500 B.C. -- Man has degenerated into a race of arrogant, 
> violent rebels and begins to use their intelligence to develop 
> even more destructive weapons (source: various legends from around 
> the world; the book of Genesis)
>        3000 B.C. -- Man has corrupted his knowledge and taken it to 
> the extreme by trying to fuse science with sorcery, in collaboration 
> with fallen angels.  Strange genetic spawns are formed by sorcerer-
> scientists who are intent on playing god.  Divine judgement hits 
> the planet as a huge global aquifer collapses and, under tremendous 
> pressure, this underground reservoir explodes out through the crust 
> via the mid-oceanic rifts, sending huge geysers of basalt-laden 
> waters miles into the sky, where it disperses through and 
> consolidates with the mist-like atmosphere of the planet, which 
> in turn 'primes' the hydrodynamic cycle.  Emptied of their contents, 
> vast sections of the global aquifer collapse into the ocean floors 
> and trenches, and mountain ranges and continents are pushed upwards. 
> Noah and his family have completed an ark/ship at God's command, 
> and a hairy 'giant' by the name of 'Og' [and his mate, products 
> of a genetic fusion between humans and apes] are allowed into the 
> ark on the condition that they are to be the servants of Noah's 
> descendants in the new world.  Sorcerer-scientists on an island-
> continent off the coast of Florida open up a rift in hyperspace 
> as an experiment with crystal-based electromagnetic manipulation 
> goes out of control, releasing electromagnetic 'fallout' for 
> thousands of years to come.  These 'Atlanteans' try to escape 
> the global cataclysm by taking refuge in their underground bases 
> below the east coast of North America and western Europe.  They 
> perish from suffocation, starvation, or from drowning as their 
> bases are flooded (source: Creation Research Institute; the Hebrew 
> MIDRASH; numerous legends and claims; deductive reasoning)
>        2500 B.C. -- Alchemists, working in behalf of the post-
> diluvian Babylonian Mystery Cult, and under the direction of 
> fallen angels, genetically engineer a race of reptilian humanoids 
> using a reptilian and/or saurian DNA base, and with the aid of 
> occult-technology recovered from underground antediluvian scientific 
> facilities.  These reptiloids, some of whom have been fused with 
> humanoid and other strains of DNA, get out of control and rebel.  
> Several of them escape to Antarctica [at the time a semi-tropical 
> continent] and develop a powerful empire (source: Information 
> given to contactee Maurice Doreal by alleged residents of a 
> hidden underground neo-Mayan colony under Mt. Shasta, California; 
> Deductive reasoning)
>        2000 B.C. -- The center of human civilization is in a lush 
> kingdom in the Gobi region of central Asia.  Blue-eyed, blond-
> haired humans, in alliance with a tall humanoid branch known as 
> the 'Nepheli', wage war against the reptilian empire in Antarctica.  
> The Gobians, in a desperate measure to defend their infiltrated 
> and threatened society, use an experimental super-weapon [a cobalt 
> warhead?] against the Antarcticans, and the explosion knocks the 
> planet off its axial alignment and sends most advanced cultures 
> back into the stone age, except for those who escape underground 
> in order to maintain their scientific continuity.  When the 
> planet stabilizes, the poles have shifted.  The Gobi begins to 
> turn into an inhospitable desert, burying the remains of the 
> pre-Nordic kingdom under tons of sand; and Antarctica is turned 
> into a frozen wasteland, which in turn buries the remnants of 
> the reptilian empire under tons of ice.  Wholly Mammoths in Siberia 
> are frozen solid almost overnight.  With their main center of power 
> shattered, reptilian forces in secret outposts all over the planet 
> band together and are forced to take refuge within huge cavern 
> systems that had been discovered underground -- within remnants of 
> the ancient aquifer which remained intact.  These multi-levelled 
> hydrothermal caverns become their new abode, especially a massive 
> underground system centered below the general region of Nepal and 
> stretching from Benares India to Lake Manosarowar, Tibet.  Many 
> of the former Gobi 'Nordics' also escape underground, into 
> recently discovered cavern systems below the general region of 
> Mongolia and central Asia.  As with the reptiloids, the 'Nordics' 
> carefully conceal the entrances to these underground realms, in 
> order to protect themselves from unwanted intruders.  Lower down, 
> the Reptilian and Nordic cavern systems intersect, leading to 
> inevitable underground conflicts between the two super-powers.  
> Other Nordics migrate westward and give rise to those tribes 
> which will eventually become the Scandinavians, whereas other 
> more fanatical factions invade India [the 'Aryan' invasion of 
> the Indian sub-continent] and bring with them their 'Hindu' 
> traditions of 'gods', who were essentially humans or 'ancient 
> astronauts' from earth, utilizing sophisticated technology.  The 
> reptilians and their underground 'snake-world' also appear in 
> Hindu traditions, which refer to the reptiloids as the 'Nagas', 
> a subterranean race of space-faring reptilians who are very 
> menacing to the human race.  Also, ancient vedic texts from 
> India record accounts of strange machines, mercury-powered 
> airships called 'viminas', and even nuclear warfare, resulting 
> from the technology that the 'Aryan' Nordics brought with them 
> during the invasion of India (source: Contactee Maurice Doreal; 
> Hindu traditions related by Reptologist Sherman A. Minton, Jr.; 
> vedic texts from India)
>        1500 B.C. -- The 'Nordics' underneath the Gobi region 
> [within the 'Agharti' kingdom and its capital 'Shambhala the 
> Lesser'] and the Reptiloids underneath the region of Nepal [the 
> seven-levelled reptilian underworld of 'Patala', with its capital 
> 'Bhoga-vita'] continue to wage a species war against each other, 
> first within the caverns of Asia, then within the caverns of 
> the Americas and other continents, then a war for domination of 
> the air, and finally taking their conflict to the moon and mars 
> Richard Shaver; Robert E. Dickhoff; Ferdinand Ossendowski; Nicholas 
> Roerich)
>        1000 B.C. -- The Nordics and Reptiloids of the SOL system 
> [and of Terra/Earth/Shan] discover hyperspace travel.  America 
> would discover how to manipulate hyperspace much later during 
> the Philadelphia Experiment, only 40 years following the Wright 
> Brother's first heavier-than-air flights.  Accessing hyperspace 
> is relatively easy, the problem comes with trying to manipulate 
> hyperspace without tragic and dangerous side effects.  Within 
> a 1000 years -- by the time of Christ's advent on planet earth, 
> -- a large segment of the galaxy and several dimensions are 
> colonized, due to the advent of instantaneous interstellar 
> and inter-dimensional travel.  Life forms on earth had succeeded 
> in "breaking out of the cradle".  In most cases the masses of 
> the planet have been intentionally kept in technological darkness 
> and poverty, especially by the more malevolent star-faring groups, 
> in order to provide a constant supply of slaves, bio-genetic 
> sources, and resources for various 'alien' groups which had their 
> original genesis on planet earth.  All throughout history regular  
> 'brain-drains' have recruited the most intelligent minds that the 
> surface of planet earth had to offer, these being initiated into 
> the secret societies which operate underground, off-planet or 
> in other dimensions.  The war-like masses of planet earth, who 
> were considered a potential threat to the interventionists and 
> non-interventionists alike, are manipulated into a long-range 
> plan of eco-political servitude.  The malevolent aliens are 
> terrified at the prospect of a Nordic-backed 'open' or 'free' 
> society on planet earth breaking out of the planetary 'cradle' 
> and thus threatening their galactic empire; and the benevolent 
> aliens are fearful at the prospect of a Draco-backed 'controlled' 
> society [such as the Nazi space forces] being used as mind-
> controlled warriors to fight the Draconians' galactic battles 
> for them.  A Nazi/Bavaria space force based in Antarctica would 
> eventually be responsible for helping the Draco collective to 
> enslave several worlds within the immediate 21 star-system sector 
> of the galaxy.  On earth these atrocities were being carried out 
> by a third faction -- the ASTARTE or ASHTAR cult, based in caverns 
> below the Egyptian/Gizeh desert.  This cult -- which had/has close 
> ties with Nazi occult societies, the Jesuits, and International 
> who are the REAL controllers of the planet -- forms out 
> of a collaboration between humanoid and reptiloid techno-sorcerers 
> who are part of an interplanetary 'Masonic' lodge, the lower 
> ranks of which are manifested as the 33 lodge degrees on earth.  
> Fallen elements of the human and serpent [beast] races begin to 
> develop genetically-engineered bodies to be used by their Luciferian 
> masters in order for their masters to operate in and manipulate 
> 3rd dimensional matter and technology.  Many of the so-called 'Grey 
> Aliens' are conceived.  Fallen elements from the three creations: 
> angels, humans, and beasts, are now fully collaborating as part 
> of Lucifer's ancient rebellion and conspiracy against Almighty 
> God and his warrior angels.  The 'Greys' are a frankensteinian 
> combination of reptiloid, insectoid, humanoid and even plant-
> like DNA combined with sophisticated cybernetics and implant 
> technology which links them into a group-mind, ultimately 
> controlled and incarnated by fallen angels themselves -- Satan's 
> attempt to imitate God and 'create' a race of his own.  It is 
> not a creation however, but merely a perversion of that which 
> has already been created.  The 'Ashtar' collaboration, and the 
> rebel angels which manipulate much of this 'universal' and non 
> collective by masquerading as 'ascended masters', 
> eventually establish a large network based in Sirius-B.  A 
> faction rises in Sirius-A which resists the expansionist 
> philosophy of the main 'Ashtar' alliance.  Since many within 
> the Ashtar collective are linked together psionically via 3rd, 
> 4th and 5th density implants, it was not too hard for the 
> Draconians -- who also have access to 3rd, 4th and 5th density 
> realms -- to 'hack in' to the collective and begin to manipulate 
> it, in spite of any good intentions of some of those semi-
> individuals who are a part of the Ashtar Alliance.  Many of 
> those 'Nordics' who adhere to strict non-interventionist ethics 
> establish the core of their civilization near the Ring Nebula 
> of Lyra, and the Reptiloids establish the base of their empire 
> in Alpha Draconis, whereas other reptilian factions who do not 
> believe in the predatory activities of the 'Draconians' themselves 
> break off and establish independent colonies in other star systems 
> such as Capella, etc. (source: Various contactees and abductees; 
> alien autopsy reports; Vladimir Terziski; the Holy Bible)
>        500 B.C. -- In a sudden surprise attack, the Alpha Draconian 
> empire destroys three Nordic colonial worlds in the Lyra region.  
> Over 50 million men, woman and children perish in the initial 
> attacks.  Vega Lyra escapes the destruction and is able to put up 
> a defence, and receives some of the surviving refugees from the 
> devastated worlds, whereas other refugees escape to Rigel Orion, 
> and to the Pleiades cluster, where they commence to terra-form 
> several worlds which become the base of a large Federation of 
> Worlds.  The Hyades and Andromeda constellations [not necessarily 
> Andromeda galaxy] are colonized, as are several worlds within the 
> anti-matter [DAL] universe (source: Billy Meier and other 'Pleiadian' 
> contactees)
>        BC/AD -- The appearance of JESUS of Nazareth, the LOGOS/WORD/
> SON of God, and His ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection.  The 
> Nordics in Rigel, after massive infiltration by Draconian forces, 
> wage a desperate war against Reptilian and Grey forces.  The 
> surviving Nordics are forced out of the Orion open cluster and 
> take refuge on the Jovian moons of Sol, in Sirius-A, and in Procyon.  
> Other humanoids flee to the outer Orionite systems, yet because 
> of their close proximity to the central empire must capitulate 
> much of their sovereignty over to the Draconian collective.  These 
> peoples are used by the collective to serve the empire in a similar 
> fashion as peasants serve a king or dictator, yet on a much larger 
> and more tragic scale (the Holy Bible; Israel Norkin and other 
> contactees)
>        500 A.D. -- The Orion cluster is now fully controlled 
> by the "United Worlds of Orion" which in turn serves under the 
> authority of the Alpha Draconian empire, Rigel and Bellatrix 
> being major centers of Orionite power.  This sub-empire of Orion 
> consists all-in-all of six Orionite star systems at the core, 
> which have succeeded in conquering and subduing several worlds 
> throughout this sector of the galaxy in order to feed their empire's 
> parasitical lust for conquest, many of these worlds 
> are slave-planets where descendants of human colonials live, 
> although their horrifying existence could probably not be 
> considered 'living'.  The atrocities of the Draco-Orion empire 
> are known throughout the whole galaxy and has earned itself the 
> title, among many of their Federation enemies, of "The Unholy 
> Six".  Devastating battles are waged between the Pleiadeans and 
> Orionites.  Whole worlds are devastated.  The Sirians, many of 
> whom are descended from refugees from Rigel Orion, begin a 
> long history of interstellar conflict with the Orionites over 
> the disputed sector of space, a star cluster in the immediate 
> vicinity of Sol, containing some 21 life-bearing star systems 
> (source: Alex Collier and other contactees)
>        1000 A.D. -- Core systems of the Draconian collective 
> include: Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Epsilon Bootes, Zeta II 
> Reticuli.  Core systems of the Ashtar Alliance include: Sirius-B, 
> Arcturus, Aldebaran, Altair.  Core systems of the United Federation 
> include: Taygeta Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Vega Lyra, Procyon.  To 
> better understand these three networks, you could say that the 
> United Federation's MAIN focus is on spiritual development, 
> whereas the Ashtar Alliance's is on intellectual advancement, 
> and the Draconian's on material conquest.  We live in a universe 
> of spirit, mind, and matter.  The important thing to remember 
> however, is to ensure that spirit dominates over matter, rather 
> than the other way around [that is, a top-down flow of LIFE 
> rather then a bottom-up flow of CHAOS].  There are fallen angels 
> who would try to counterfeit true spiritual LIFE.  You will know 
> them by their 'fruits', and by their obsession with materialism, 
> and their advocation of material means for salvation of spirit, 
> for instance so-called salvation by surrendering to a psionic-
> electronic COLLECTIVE which discourages free agency, sovereignty, 
> creativity, liberty and self-expression.  Such a false 'salvation' 
> tends to KILL the spirit rather than set it free.  However, the 
> Federated worlds MUST subdue and tame the Draconians, otherwise 
> the Draconians -- who are motivated by unbounded material appetite 
> just like their rebel/fallen angelic masters -- will annihilate 
> the Federation worlds, which the Draconian collective considers 
> to be the only obstacle standing in the way of full galactic 
> assimilation and conquest.  They are especially hostile to 
> those hard-core non-interventionists who would try to police 
> the galaxy in an effort to prevent interventionist forces from 
> interfering with the sovereignty and destinies of independent 
> worlds.  In order to conquer the nature of the beast without, 
> however, WE must first conquer the nature of the beast within, 
> by making peace with the Almighty SOURCE of all LIFE, by receiving 
> the 'Divine Blood Transfusion' that Jesus the Christ -- the Son 
> of God and the Son of Man, the God-Man -- made possible as a 
> result of the events which took place at Calvary, at the "center 
> of time", BC/AD (source: Various contactees and abductees; the 
> Holy Bible)
>        1500 A.D. -- Draconian Reptiloids and Rigelian Greys 
> try to attack and conquer the Nordic colonial world in Procyon.  
> They fail, and use the excuse that it was all a mistake and 
> misunderstanding.  Incredibly, the Rigelian Greys gain the 
> confidence of certain self-serving members of Procyon intelligence 
> by offering to exchange advanced technology [sound familiar?] 
> in order to make up for the harm done to them as a result of 
> being forced out of their former home-world in Rigel during 
> the Orion wars.  The Dracos/Greys gain access to all levels 
> of Procyonian society through a Trojan-horse type of subversion 
> and infiltration.  At a critical point, the Dracos-Greys carry 
> out a sudden coup d'etat, and Procyon falls to their control.  
> Many are killed and many, many Nordics are taken captive to be 
> used as slaves or for biological/DNA sources for experimentation.  
> Many of these mind-controlled Nordics are used to gain the trust 
> of the inhabitants of other targeted worlds, including planet 
> earth.  Procyon inter-dimensional freedom fighters finally 
> liberate their people in the latter part of the 20th century 
> [earth-time].  The three MAJOR interstellar superpowers in 
> this sector of the galaxy continue to expand multi-dimensionally, 
> wars rage, empires rise and fall into oblivion, whole civilizations 
> are enslaved and liberated, only to be enslaved again.  The battle 
> between spirit and matter continues.  Many worlds which have lost 
> the knowledge of their ancient genesis on planet earth begin to 
> discover the truth.  All eyes begin turning towards planet earth 
> and to the galaxy-shaking events which are beginning to form there.  
> The Almighty One continues with His mysterious and awesome plan 
> to bring His corrupted creation back into the light, including 
> His "lost sheep" which have left the cradle [earth] and have been 
> scattered among the stars.  The Almighty One does not seek to 
> destroy the material forces of chaos, but to cleanse them and 
> bring them back under the dominion of spirit.  This is accomplished 
> individually.  This is also why humans were given a duel spiritual 
> 'body' like the angels and a material 'body' like the beasts.  
> WE are God's vessels to 'tame' the material forces of the universe 
> and bring them into alignment with spirit.  Mankind originally 
> possessed such supernatural dominion in the beginning, however 
> they/we forfeited it by succumbing to the lies of the fallen 
> angels who possessed the 'serpent' race as described in Genesis 
> 3.  This effectively spawned suspicion and fear within humanity and 
> simple faith in God which served as the conduit 
> for the flow of divine LIFE was broken at our end, and our 
> dominion over nature was lost... that is until 
> Jesus the Christ came to restore it by establishing a way whereby 
> ALL who are willing could once again make PEACE with an absolutely 
> perfect and infinite God.  We can restore this lost spiritual 
> dominion over a material universe gone 'wild' by CHOOSING to bring 
> our own material nature under the control of our spiritual nature, 
> by the power of the grace that the Almighty One provides through 
> His shed life-blood (source: George Andrews; the Holy Bible)
>        2000 A.D. -- The conflict between the Pleiadeans and 
> the Orionites is now focusing on planet earth -- which with its 
> strategic location and resources and central role in galactic 
> history is the KEY to the success or failure of either side.  
> In Sirius, a massive civil war erupts as Draconian and Orionite 
> infiltration of the Ashtar/Astarte alliance is exposed by 
> factions loyal to the Androme-Pleiadean non-interventionists.  
> Many within the Alliance, especially in Sirius-A, begin to ally 
> themselves with the Androme-Pleiadean Federationists, whereas 
> many within Sirius-B, including reptiloids, align themselves 
> with the Draco-Orion collectivists.  A MASSIVE Draco-Orion 
> backed armada, with battleships upwards of 500 miles long, 
> leaves Sirius-B at sub-light speeds in order to maintain third 
> dimensional integrity [it's easier to phase-in to other-dimensional 
> realities through exceeding light-speed, then it is to phase-back-
> in to third dimensional reality from an other-dimensional mode].  
> Their destination is the SOL system, where they intend to help 
> enforce an electronic New World Order dictatorship that human 
> agents of the Draco-Orion-SiriusB alliance -- who are members 
> of international banking fraternities -- have been implementing 
> on earth from their bases near Gizeh, Egypt; Dulce, New Mexico 
> [controlled by ciakars or winged dracos, white dracos, and green 
> dracos]; Pine Gap, Australia; and the German Thule Societies' 
> M.A.L.T.A. base in the Alsace-Lorraine region of Germany and the 
> 'New Berlin' base in the New Shwabenland region of Antarctica.  
> Massive abduction, indoctrination, and implantation programs 
> targeting earth's citizens have been carried out through previous 
> decades in order to facilitate the take-over of planet earth and 
> its annexation into the Draconian-Orionite collective.  Massive 
> Andromedan, Pleiadean, Tau Cetian, Procyonese, Arcturian, Iummite, 
> Vegan, Koldasian and other forces loyal to the United Federation 
> and the non-interventionist directives have established a massive 
> 'blockade' near the orbital sphere of Neptune in order to prevent 
> earth from being interfered with by incoming Draconian-
> backed forces, who are aware of their ancient genesis on planet 
> earth and who are intent on overthrowing or enslaving the human 
> race at this critical time in our planet's history, so that they 
> can take back 'their' planet.  The apocalyptic "war in heaven" 
> is imminent.  The final showdown between good and evil begins 
> (the Holy Bible - Genesis chapter 3 & Revelation chapter 12)
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