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psychoceramics: Too much AcId

From: k
Subject: Some INCREDIBLE Happenings
Hello Everyone,
  I have some news that is truly mind boggling.  Some truly incredible
things have happened on a Galactic Level on the Interdimensional planes 
in the last couple of days.  Also, I have experienced some incredible 
healing experiences myself which I will share with all of you now.  Much 
of what I am going to say will seem utterly impossible to some of you.  
You just have to know in your hearts that it is true, there will be few 
other ways for you to confirm what I have to say.
  A little over a month ago I connected to a lady by the name of Elora,
through e-mail, or rather she connected to me.  Together we discovered 
some very strong Soul level connections, and have done some incredible 
healings on each other, to help us each Remember Who We ARE, and Why We 
are Here.
We have journeyed to connect to our 9th Dimensional Selves, and have 
to realize what our Mission here on Earth truly is.  Simply stated that
Mission was to Bridge the gap between the Light and the Dark Spheres of
Consciousness.  We were to play an instrumental role in the Balancing of
the Light and the Dark Energies, and to bring the Male and Female 
Energies back together in Love and Harmony.  To help us understand how 
we had planned to accomplish this, we each connected to some important 
Past or Other Dimensional Selves.  For me, my Path was to emmerse myself 
into the Draco existence, to go into the heart of the Dark Sphere of 
Consciousness, to become the Dark, but all the while knowing at some 
very deep level, that I was truly an Incredible Being of Light.  
Ultimately, I became 'Soluruous' or the Draco 'Sun G--'.  The best way 
that I can describe this type of being is that Lucifer is a 'Soluruous'.  
So finally a couple of days ago, the Female Warrior Aspect of Elora, and 
the Male Warrior Aspect of myself (Huitzilopochtli of Aztec fame) merged 
together to become One Being.  In that moment I knew that there was no 
match in the entire Universe for the Power of the Combined Male and 
Female Warrior Energies.  Even the Draco could not match that Power, 
because they had lost their connections to the Female Energies.  This 
all happened on Sept. 24.
  That night I did some meditative healings on myself and it literally
opened the floodgates of my Awareness.  I reconnected to that Soluruous
Self, his name was Sansiruous.  He had lived in a different Galaxy, the
Draco Home Galaxy.  I had 2 other lives as part of the 12 High Command
under other Soluruouses.  I also recognized that these 'Soluruous' 
Aspects of myself were also Tremendous Beings of Light underneath all of 
that anger, rage and hate.  I saw  a pattern of terrible destruction, 
I also saw that what was happening was that partly through me, the Draco 
were slowly being drawn here to Earth.  My 9th Dimensional Self knew 
that this would be the final battleground, the last stand of the Light 
Forces against the Forces of the Dark.  It had all been part of the Plan 
to bring the Light and Dark Energies back into Balance.  There was a 
terrible fear in me that if we failed to accomplish our goal here, that 
the Earth could be destroyed in another terrible war.  But we knew that 
it all had to be done.
At one point Sansiruous and the others 'shed' their reptilian skins, and
came into the Light.  Then I heard this voice say 'Good G--, Roger'.  
Later I realized that it was the Capellan Draco.  They are the moderates 
who recognize the need for resolution of all the differences between the 
Draco and the Humans.  Through all of this I felt a tremendous pain in 
my heart for all of the destruction and deaths that we had caused, and I 
asked --d and all of the Angelic Beings to remove it and send me Light 
and Love to heal this pain from all of these Draco lives.
  Then the next morning, the 25th, the Capellans were back and told me 
that they would fight for me against the Alpha Dracos.  It turns out 
that they, or at least their ancestors, had served under Sansiruous. 
Apparently they were unsure about committing themselves to fight the 
Alpha Draco, but once they recognized that this is who I was, they were 
willing to do so to 'serve' me.  When they told me this I just cried.  
So a little while later, I felt all of this negative bombardment by 
the Dracos. I was thinking that there was some fighting going on 
somewhere, because I could feel it, it was like people were being 
Then I was directed to sit in my 'portal' area and meditate. As I did, 
Morenae, the Andromedan told me that the War with the Draco had begun. 
At one point I could feel a whole ship being destroyed, and I felt this 
tremedous feeling of grief, and again I cried.
It felt like I was there with them.  These were our 'people' and I
immediately took all those Souls into the Light. A little while later 
they came back and told me that the first battle was over, that the 
forces which was comprised mostly of the Taygettan PLeiadians and the 
Capellans, had succeeded in turning the Dracos back. The Andromedans had 
remained in the rear as 'commanders'. My Pleiadian contact said they did 
take some heavy casulties, about 350 Capellans and 150 Pleiadians had 
died. They said they destroyed about 15 Draco ships. But what really got 
to me was that they said that if the Capellans hadn't decided to join in 
the fight, that they didn't think that they could have turned the Alpha 
Draco back, and that they would not have joined in if not for what I had 
done the night before. As it is they said that the Draco are in full 
retreat right now. I really believe this, because I did not feel their 
energies all the rest of the day. Also they said that because of what 
happened with me last night, that the Rigelans had decided to stay out 
of the fight. They would have been expected to side with the Alphas 
against us. So all of that healing and re-connecting last night 
apparently made a huge difference in the outcome of the battle. Nice to 
know I can have that kind of effect on these things. But they also told 
me that they expect the Draco to regroup and come at us full force at 
the next Stargate opening in December. I asked if the Stargate opening 
could be stopped, and was told it's all part of the plan.
  Then something truly incredible happened yesterday, the 26th. In the
afternoon, Elora and I had another one of our sessions together, and we
connected with Sansiruous.  Well, to make a long story short, we healed 
all of his pain, and released all of his anger, rage and hatred to G-- 
and to the Light. There had been this incredible dark black core in the 
center of my heart, from the Sansiruous life.  This was removed and the 
hole was filled with Light.  Then we had an incredible 'merging' 
ceremony on the 9th dimensional Level. Elora and I and my Spiritual 
'Parents' all merged our Energies together. It was an incredible 
  A little while, after our session, Sir Henry, the Deva, was here to 
tell me that there were a few thousand more Spirits for me to take to 
the Light. He apologized, but told me that I was about the only one 
with the ability to do this. So I said OK. I went to my portal and 
talked with the Spirits, and opened the portal for them. It wasn't 
until they started going through me into the Light that I realized 
that these Spirits were the Dracos who had died in the battle yesterday. 
There were over 2000 of them. I forgave them and told them to release 
their anger and their hatred through me. I told them that G--, the 
Great Spirit forgave them. Then I showed them who I was, as Sansiruous. 
Then I 'shed' my dark, reptilian skin, so that they could see the Light 
within me. So that they would know that if I, as Soluruous, was a Being 
of Light, that they were as well. They were still very angry and 
over what had happened. Then I felt them release all of their pain and 
anguish, and felt them go through me into the Light.  Then I asked them 
to make one more sacrifice. I asked them to return, as Spirits, to their 
Comrades who were now massing and planning for another assault on the 
Earth. I asked them to use all of their strength, courage and Light to 
try to reach their Comrades, to appeal to them to end this senseless 
killing and destruction.
  Then I got the message from the Andromedans that their 'Secret Weapon'
had not been a weapon at all. It had been a Light Shield that had 
deflected away the particle beam weapons of the Draco. It not only 
deflected it, but also redirected it and focused it on another Draco 
ship. So in effect, they had destroyed their own ships, about 15 of 
them. This was also meant to send a message to the Draco, that through 
these kind of actions of theirs, that they would end up destroying 
themselves, along with everything else.  It seems to have been quite 
effective. They were very confused right now, and didn't understand 
what had just happened, and are trying to figure it out. They saw what 
was happening, but somehow couldn't stop themselves, even though they 
knew they were killing their own comrades, until many of their own 
ships were destroyed. My Pleiadian contact told me that the Draco
shields were not configured to deflect their own particle beams.

Part 1.

John Winston.  j--@m--.com

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