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Re: psychoceramics: Too much AcId

>So finally a couple of days ago, the Female Warrior Aspect of Elora, and
>the Male Warrior Aspect of myself (Huitzilopochtli of Aztec fame)

oh, THAT Huitzilopochtli. riiiight.

>Then I was directed to sit in my 'portal' area and meditate. As I did,
>Morenae, the Andromedan told me that the War with the Draco had begun.
>At one point I could feel a whole ship being destroyed, and I felt this
>tremedous feeling of grief, and again I cried.

funny how these enlightened beings still fight wars. and also, funny how
they use ships when they could use their Astral Travel abilities. and also
funny how when you ask them for details of faster-than-light drives, they
then say "oh, we don't need them, because we have Astral Travel abilities."

>  Then I got the message from the Andromedans that their 'Secret Weapon'
>had not been a weapon at all. It had been a Light Shield that had
>deflected away the particle beam weapons of the Draco.

it would be interesting to chart the pseudo-technical names of these
devices. a hundred years ago it might have been a "magnetic resonator beam
weapon". twenty years ago it might have been a "quark beam" or a "neutrino
beam". i expect that the names closely follow the current fringe science