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psychoceramics: IUFO: New Space People On The Block.

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Subject: New Space People On The Block.               Sept. 27, 1997.

  Here is some information that just came to me.  It appears to be
a source of space people information that is a little different.  I
don't know whether it is true or not but let's see what comes of it.


From: P V
Greetings Earthlings! Welcome to the Intergalactic News Agency.
You have been sending us messages FROM earth to outer space thru your
TVs, Radios and Prayers. Now we are glad to establish communication
from outer space to YOU.
NOW HEAR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your Earth has suddenly become the Center of Attention for the entire
universe. Many ships from beyond your earth are gathered around you
in the 4th dimension, one overtone above the 3rd dimension so you
can't see us.
But as always the astral (4-D) world can see everything in the
physical creation. So we can see you but you cannot see us.
The reason we are gathered here is to see you as your little planet
goes thru the polar shift. Now scheduled to occur in the Winter of
1998. Your earth governments know of this but have failed to prepared
you for it. That is why we must intervene.
        Be not in fear. It is a common event. It happens all over the
universe to every planet before it passes out of the 3rd Dimension
into the 4th dimension and on into the 5th and so on until it reaches
the 12 dimension. Then its evolution is complete. Only this time we
are going to create a new dimension, a 13th. Something which has
never been done before in the History of the Universe. See why you
are so important to us, now? We re learning from your experience how
to do this on our planets back home.
        The thing that is unique about this particular ascension is
that there is reason to believe that rather than a few humans making
it alive, the entire planet will survive. In previous pole shifts on
other planets, there have been cataclysms and upheaval. The  people
were not prepared.
Only a few survived. Those who went underground or    were in boats
or whatever and thus emerged after the deluge. They began a new race.
But the problem was they had their minds erased when the magnetic grid
which surrounds the earth went out. This caused the human species to
climb back in ape-man style. He had to learn to make fire again. And
then read. Etc.
This took thousands of years. Now prospects are much better that many
will survive with their memories in tact. The others whose bodies are
destroyed will come back with new bodies made of incorruptible flesh.
No one will really die.
That is the new plan. It is made possible by a Grid around the earth
built by the ascended masters over the last 13,000 years. It was done
by directing groups and tribes to place certain crystals in specific
places around the globe. Machu Picchu, The Giza Pyramids, and places
in China, and North America, 13 in all and more minor ones, were
established over a painstakingly long period.
This Grid will catch all souls which leave their bodies at this time.
You can go quietly (meditation) or you can wait until the last minute
and go kicking and screaming. But everyone must GO!
That is why so many galaxies are watching on Intergalactic TV. You
think it is not possible? Perhaps some of you will be resurrected soon
enough for you to come up here aboard our ships and take a look thru
our monitors. We can see the entire earth. Everyone of you. Most of us
do not interfere. We are just watching. We relay the broadcasts out
to Galaxies too far away to send their own ships. Much like you watch
international TV networks cover a story anywhere in the world.
        But a few take it upon themselves to swoop down on a planet
when it goes thru these changes. Like vultures circling a dying
carcass, they wait until their prey is too lame to fight back before
attacking. But they always fail. And they shall fail this time too.
Your USA is shooting down appox.. 1 per day. And your Russia is
shooting down 2 a day. So you see, your earth governments have been
building their Star Wars system for a reason, unbeknownst to you.  But
it turns out to be a good thing. Only the outdated metal disks are
being shot down. They are of the Luciferian rebellion. They cannot
build the true lightships of the Angels which is known as the
Merkaba, The Vehicle of Ascension, impervious to earthborn star-guns.
So we are waiting until enough of these fake ships have been shot
down. Then when they realize defeat, we will come in. We will make our
presence known to the world. But we are allowing your earth governments
90 days to condition earthlings for impact. This they are doing by
introducing aliens in commercials and TV shows and Movies. Now 65% of
people believe in UFOs. 85% believe in life in outer space.. When this
number reaches 98%, then it  is safe for us to land and announce our
presence. Those of you who cannot take it without having a heart attack
or panic, will be rendered unconscious. Then your bodies will be
removed in a most humane fashion.
Some of you will meet us and work with us in the establishment of safe
places for the rest of the population to go in order to stabilize the
earth and/or maintain shelters to "ride it out."
If this applies to you, you  know what it means.
Furthermore, for those of you are already at your battle stations read
these orders and pick out the ones that apply to you. (They all need
not apply.)
1. Establish a secure perimeter around your abode and those of your
2. Close down all entrances and exits.
3. Check ID of all persons who come and go.
4. Set in food and provisions .
5. Establish a center meeting place of ultimate safety.
This shall be known as THE SANCTUARY.
6. Begin training guards in survival procedures.
7. Train and perform drills.
8. Ration food.
9. Centralize communications and establish a CONTROL ROOM.
10. Designate officers and a chain of command.
We see many of you going thru PRE-TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME. That is
because your Higher Self already knows what is happening. But your 3-D
reality is helping you deny it. You continue to go to work and raise
your family and drive cars as though nothing is going to happen. But
soon 3-D reality is going to come up and smack you in  the face. It
may be when rain washes away your house. (As is happening to some
already in Southern California.) Or when you are standing in 3 feet
of volcanic ash. (As in Montserrat.) Or when the fires turn your
coast into toast. (Indonesia.)
Right  now your body is sensing these things. Humans react in
different ways. Some drink more alcohol. Or eat more. Or have more
sex.  Some people are starting to move to safer locations. Many don't
know why. They are just getting out of unhealthy situations and
relationships and into safer ones.
This is all human nature. Many species of plants and animals have
already left.
End of Transmission......................................

JW  I just received information that Valarie and the Ground Crew are
moving to Maui, Hawaii on the 29th of Sept. 1997.

John Winston.  j--@m--.com

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