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Re: psychoceramics: For Christian Abductees: Coming to Grips with the Aliens

[Alex N Shumate]
> This one is just too good to pass up without commenting on; it's a
> perfect example of how logical life can be when you completely disregard
> anything factual.
> >>        4000 B.C. -- Jehovah creates Adam and Eve as perfect 
> >> prototype human beings with possible I.Q.'s nearing 1000 (source: 
> >> the Holy Bible - book of Genesis)
> Can anyone even understand what an IQ of 1000 would mean? This is just a
> case of Dogbert's "big round number" syndrome.
> (Side note: An IQ of 1000 -- and can't understand the concept of
> "don't"?)

Someone on USENET once showed that an IQ of 300 would require so much 
energy that the brain would vaporise itself on attaining consciousness, 
or perhaps so much mass that it would implode into a black hole, or something.

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