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psychoceramics: Psychoceramics!

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>A recent federal court decision, in the District Court for the Southern
>District of New York (reported on Westlaw), 1993 WL 454256.
>Teri Smith TYLER, Plaintiff,
>James CARTER, William Clinton, Ross Perot, American Cyanamid, Iron
>Mountain Security Corporation, Defense Intelligence Agencty, IBM, David
>Rockerfeller [sic], Rockerfeller [sic] Fund, BCCI, NASA, Defendants.
>No. 92 Civ. 8658 (CSH)
>Nov. 5, 1993
>Plaintiff Teri Smith Tyler, appearing pro se, filed a complaint in
>December 1992 alleging a bizarre conspiracy involving the defendants to
>enslave and oppress certain segments of our society. Plaintiff contends
>she is a cyborg, and that she received most of the information which
>forms the basis for her complaint, through ``proteus,'' which I read to
>be come silent, telepathic form of communication. ... She asserts that
>the defendants are involved in the ``Iron Mountain Plan,'' which
>provides for the reinstitutionalization of slavery and ``bloodsports''
>(which she
>identifies as death-hunting and witchhunting), and the oppression of
>political dissidents, herself included. Plaintiff's complaint alleged a
>number of personal indignities visited upon her by defendants:
>``strafing of my dormitory room by planes and helicopters, the
>electronic bugging of my student rooms and apartments, deliberate noise
>harassment, blasting of loud rock music with lyrics designed for
>witch-hunts (music about social pariahs) ... students following me
>around to prevent me from studying, whispering campaigns and social
>ostrification ...''
>... Plaintiff also makes the following allegations against the
>defendants. Former President Jimmy Carter was the secret head of the Ku
>Klux Klan; Bill Clinton is the biological son of Jimmy Carter; President
>Clinton and Ross Perot have made fortunes in the death-hunting industry,
>and are responsible for the murder of at least 10 million black women in
>concentration camps, their bodies sold for meat and their skin turned
>into leather products. The defendants are also responsible for breeding
>farms, which turn out 2,000 black girls a year, who are then sold for
>recreational murder or as human pets. Additionally, the defendants
>utilize weather control and earthquake technology to threaten other
>countries that object to the Iron Mountain Plan.
>Plaintiff asks the Court to grant her the following relief:
>   1.$5.6 billion in compensatory and punitive damages;
>   2.A physical accounting of all black women born since 1940,
>     including their present, whereabouts, and for those who have
>     died, an investigation into how they died;
>   3.The purchase of land in Africa for the emigration of abused
>     black women;
>   4.The bringing to justice of those responsible for the American
>     holocaust;
>   5.An investigation into the foster care system, and a physical
>     accounting of all black children placed into foster care;
>   6.An end to slavery in the United States;
>   7.The end of the cyborg program run by NASA, the Defense
>    Intelligence Agency, American Cyanamid and IBM;
>   8.An end to the organ donor program
>While plaintiff was trying to effect proper service of the summons and
>complaint on the defendants, she made a number of appeals to the
>Court for interim relief in the form of Orders to Show Cause. On January
>20, 1993, she asked the Court to enjoin the inauguration of
>President Clinton. The Court denied her request as moot. In August,
>1993, she moved to enjoin the installation of Louis Freeh as Director
>of the FBI on the ground that Clinton appointed Freeh only so Freeh
>could cover up evidence of Clinton's wrongdoing. That motion was
>denied, as it lacked a sufficient evidentiary basis.
>Presently before the Court is an Order to Show Cause why the Court
>should not enjoin the trial in the World Trade Center bombing case,
>now proceeding in this Court before Judge Duffy. Plaintiff alleges that
>President Clinton ordered the bombing of the World Trade Center in order
>to justify war with Iraq. In support of her application, plaintiff
>describes certain ``proteus'' communications she had with other
>individuals. Plaintiff alleges that the United States invaded Panama and
>arrested General Noriega because Noriega objected to United
>States soldiers raiding Indian tribes in Central America for child sex
>slaves to torture in American cocaine based thrill-killing rackets.
>Plaintiff contends she wrote to Noriega asking him to join in her
>lawsuit, but that United States soldiers holding Noriega beat him when
>he asked for his mail.
>Plaintiff asserts that in 1988, Rajiv Gandshi spoke to her through
>``proteus'' and informed her that he was being held prisoner and
>sexually abused by a man whom he had caught stealing from the funds
>generated by the Bhopal disaster settlement. According to plaintiff,
>Yasser Arafat tried to confirm Ghandi's tale of abuse on behalf of the
>plaintiff, to no avail.
>Plaintiff additionally contends that Gulf War against Iraq was
>undertaken so that American could restock its sexual slavery camps,
>which had been depleted. 40,000 Iraqi soldiers captured by the United
>States, selected for their physical attractiveness, have been brought to
>this country where they were ``being beaten, forced to run gauntlets and
>homosexually gang-raped by American soldiers.'' Plaintiff claims to have
>confronted Secretary of Defense Cheney with evidence of this allegation.
>Cheney, through ``proteus,'' purportedly told the plaintiff, ``Well, we
>were so sick and tiered of killing black girls. We just had to put some
>variety back into our death-hunting industry. And they [Persians] are
>incredibly beautiful. The beauty of the face heightens the pleasure of
>the kill. I know of no higher pleasure than the gang-rape of exceedingly
>beautiful people.''
>Additionally, the plaintiff alleges that the Serbian government, the
>``Nazi Bund,'' the Bank of Commerce and Credit International (``BCCI'')
>are also involved in the conspiracy.
>Attached to plaintiff's papers, and apparently offered to support her
>claim, are a number of exhibits. Most prominent among the exhibits is
>a book by Robert Ellis Smith entitled ``Privacy: How To Protect What's
>Left Of It'' (1979), and a four page illustrated pamphlet
>advertising pornographic movies starring young men. Plaintiff has
>circled a number of photos of naked men who appear to be of
>Mediterranean or Latin American descent, which I interpret as her
>evidence that Iraqi and Central American men are enslaved in
>pornographic ``rackets'' ...
>The Court's Memorandum and Order goes on to explain why the Court is
>ordering the case dismissed ``sua sponte'' (meaning of the
>Court's own volition, without prompting by the defendants): because the
>plaintiff is barking mad and must not be allowed to waste public
>time and resources in this way.

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