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psychoceramics: Fw: IMPORTANT PLEASE READ to the end! I THOTH YOU SO!

Long but worth it.  My favorite part is the pink statue that will suck you
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> Date: Wednesday, April 22, 1998 1:59 PM
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> From: Jon Locke <v--@v--.net>
> Remember back in January of this year? The rumor about a live body in a
> tomb in Egypt? Everybody blamed The Philosopher's Stone for coming out
> >it. Now recent events have proven it is true. Some of the names may have
> >been wrong. But recent reports by Larry Hunter from Cario confirm the
> >following
> >1) There IS a city underneath the pyramids in Giza. It has been tunneled
> >for 35 years. It is so vast they have not begun to cover it all. It is a
> >3-D replica of the constellation of Orion.
> >2) The body of a living being has been found. It is in a p ink robe. It
> >bears the Cartouche of Osiris. This has been know by locals for 17
> >[I felt at the time I printed the rumor that it was true.  I check with
> >other psychics on line and we all felt an eminence coming from Egypt.
> >confirmed it may have already happened, since we traveled thru time to
> >discover the mystery of the Pyramids..]
> >3) The Hall of Records has been found. Among other things it contains
> >artifacts from Atlantis.
> >
> >All of this was revealed by Drunvalo in 1992 in his Flower of Life
> >tapes in Dallas, Texas. Drunalvo has mentioned many things which have
> >true over the years. This is a man we should listen to if we are to know
> >who we are and regain our  true heritage.
> >Here is a transcript of that section of tape.
> >
> >Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 18:18:47 +0100
> >(This is to show how long ago this was posted to the net. If you want to
> >keep ahead of the news, subscribe to The Philosopher's Stone, an
> >bulletin of the most important information on the  planet today. [We
> >MORE than the secret government. Because we know prophecy.])
> >To: Sphinx
> >From: v--@v--.net (Jon Locke)
> >Subject: The Hall of Records
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> >
> >The Sphinx is 1/2 Leo the Lion and 1/2 Virgo the Virgin woman. The head
> >originally a woman. A beard was added later to disguise it. It marks the
> >time of transition between Virgo and Leo on the Zodiac. (In western
> >Astrology this is marked as the transition between Pices and Aquarius.)
> >Hall of Records is hidden in the right shoulder of the Sphinx. It is
> >decaying and being patched up. the whole Sphinx is tilting. The head is
> >leaning dangerously to one side. THOTH said it will fall off and reveal
> >the neck a large golden sphere. It is a time capsule and will signal the
> >beginning of a lot of these things. Which is about to happen now. 148
> >of three people will attempt to enter the tunnel which leads to the Hall
> >Records. The Japanese have cameras which can see through earth and rock.
> >They have photographed a clay pot in one corner of the first room. This
> >is the key. There are three channels to go from the first room. The
> >person will know how to read what is written on the pot and they will
> >the right path. They will come from the Western Hemisphere. If they
> >chose the right path, too bad. The first thing they come to in the
> >is a statue in black onyx. It holds a sword up right in front of it. If
> >are not the right person it will kill you. The second statue will do the
> >same. The third and last statue is a rose quartz and will suck you to it
> >and not let you go if you're the wrong person.
> >If you make it to the door, you will make a sound which will be the
> >tone and the door will open. Eventually you will come to a white slab of
> >rock. It will light up on its own. It will appear the air is lit up.
> >wall will have 400 drawings etched on it. The first one is the Flower of
> >Life. The first 48 are drawings of the 48 chromosomes of the Christ
> >Consciousness. Next you turn right and come to a room full of tables
> >all the physical proof of civilizations from the last 5-1/2 million
> >are kept. At the end of these tables is a stone stairway which has
> >something on the top of it which looks like a photograph. It is not a
> >photograph but it shows a picture of the three persons who were
> >to be the ones to enter. And their names will be written under their
> >pictures. May not be the one they were born with, but the one they are
> >known by on the other side. Each person will be allowed to remove one of
> >the artifacts. These are not ordinary machines. They are shapes of
> >which connect to the mind of the holder. This way they transmit
> >on many dimensional levels. in case something happens to this set, there
> >are 12 identical sets around the world. Excerpts from Day 3 of the
> >of Life Workshop by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
> >==================================================================
> >In addition I went on several astral projection trips. A fifth initiate
> >ECKankar took me there once. And other have shown me the way. I have
> >printed these letters in The Philosopher's sone over the months. If y ou
> >have not read all isssues since January please let me know and I will
> >them on my web site if enough people are interested.
> >These coorborated the rumors. REcently Amargi Hillier has written me
> >personall y and told me the following facts out of Cario where he is
> >sattioned:
> >1) There is a body of Osiris.
> >2) There were doors of light.
> >3) They were opened by sound vibrations of the holy names of God.
> >4) The body of Osiris is there.
> >5) There IS an underground city.
> >
> >He will reveal more on his web site. The Hall of Records.
> >+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> >NIBIRU UPDATE: According to Alex Collier on the Leading Edge Webs ite
> >http://www.trufax.org Nibiru is in orbit around Saturn. Scientis have
> >recently printed articles calling it a "Newly Discovered Moon." The
> >of Larry Hunter and Armagi adn Drunvalo is to bring this enlightenment
> >YOU. Here is the initiation in the King's Chamber so YOU can experience
> >in the mind if not in the physical.
> >Subject: [1/2] Sirius, Annunaki, Pyramid, Ark of the Covenant, etc.
> >The following are very interesting stuff and they are taken from chapter
> >of the book "Initiation in the Great Pyramid" written by Earlyne Chaney
> >Astara (a Mystery School connected with the Egyptian Mysteries). It
> >give a unified theory of Sirius, Annunaki, Ark of the Covenant, Great
> >Pyramid, Atlantis, The Dispersion of of the Survivors, etc. Comments
> >Welcomed. JL
> >Earlyne Chaney wrote in chapter 3 in page 43:
> >
> >........
> >
> >"When I probed for more knowledge about Knut (The Great Pyramid) and the
> >Sphinx, which to us were already unutterably, aged, they related a
> >tale about the great Beings called the Anaki, the Mighty Ones, who came
> >Earth ages ago from another solar system, arriving from spaceship. They
> >came from the star Sothis (Sirius). They landed on a land called Aztlan
> >(Atlantis). They brought with them a divine consciousness and knowledge
> >all the secrets of nature. My father called them the Sons of GOD.
> >When the Anaki first arrived from their home planet, they brought with
> >a crucible called an Ark of the Covenant. This Ark contained a peculiar
> >pulsating crystal infused with a living light. Under guidance, it
> >rays of force. It was constructed so as to become an instrument, a
> >a store-house, containing the power to generate the very highest
> >cosmic frequencies, capable of transforming matter into pure
> >and energy-force into matter. It was called an Ark of the Covenant
> >it possessed the potential of harmonizing its divine potencies with the
> >material frequencies of Earth, a covenant of love and peace between the
> >Sons of God who brought it and the sons of men, the Earthborn. Thus it
> >the manifestation of a promise that the Sons of God would never forsake
> >Earthborn sons of men. The covenant was the pledge of eternal guidance
> >vigilance.
> >The Ark brought from Sirius was built as a miniature pyramid because its
> >dynamic force could best be generated inside this peculiar construction.
> >the hands of the Anaki - my father also called them the "builders" - the
> >rays of natural cosmic force could render Earth's objects temporarily
> >either weightless or more ponderous, according to the will of those
> >operating it. It was with its tremendous rays of power that the gigantic
> >stones of the enormous Kut had been shaped and levitated into place.
> >The Ark was similar to a thermonuclear reactor with rays of energy
> >to our laser beams - but considerably more advanced. Contained within it
> >were the "Tables of the Law," "rods of power," and a "vase filled with
> >manna." These were all symbols of that which would produce powerful
> >rays. They became far more than electric condensers. They contained
> >generators that were constantly recharged through the construction of
> >Ark itself. They also contained mysterious pulsating crystals.
> >Thus Knut, the very Great Pyramid itself, became an Ark of the Covenant.
> >When, in its early days, it was covered by engraved white casing tablets
> >and topped by a free floating crystal and gold capstone, the pyramid
> >a living Ark of mysterious force. A fiery halo was often seen to glow
> >around its tip, and strange sounds like deep rumbling thunder rose
> >its apex.
> >Knut was the scene of initiations performed within its heart and bore,
> >then, even as now, Earth's inextinguishable record of the Mysterious.
> >candidate passing thru the initiation ceremonies progressed upward
> >the Chamber of Transmutation (the King's Chamber) where, surrendering to
> >the mighty Ptah, he is placed in a state of spiritual trance and
> >in the incomparable granite-crystal sarcophagus, which lay in direct
> >alignment with the stream of cosmic forces downflowing through the
> >capstone.
> >My father explained that at the time when Knut was built Earth was
> >with an infinite light ray called the Kosmon Current, a radiant light
> >of illimitable power. He explained that there were many solar systems in
> >God's universe. Ours was only one of many inhabited planets. He drew
> >showing me the Great Central Sun which projected a beam of light force
> >its heart, right through the suns of all the solar systems aligned with
> >that particular evolutionary universes of time-space dimensions which
> >orbited the Eternal God heart. Our mite of a planet had fallen out of
> >alignment with the Grand Orient at the time of the flood and the fall at
> >Atlantis (Aztlan).
> >When the space Gods built Knut, the sun of our solar system had been
> >perfectly aligned with this great Kosmonic wavelength. The pyramid acted
> >a focal point to gather in and distribute this tremendous infinite
> >The pyramid in turn projected the light deep into the heart of Earth,
> >keeping alive the proton sun radiating at the center (in 4th density).
> >Responding, the etheric sun at Earth's center acted as a perpetual
> >generator, returning upflowing energy through the Ark of the capstone
> >floating at the top.
> >Thus the pyramid served not only as a receiver of the force but also as
> >projector. So tremendous was the upflow of energy currents from inside
> >Earth, they held suspended in space the capstone of the pyramid.
> >from the pyramid itself, the capstone floated there suspended in
> >light. I inquired of my father of what the cap was made that caused it
> >glow with a light that occasionally was almost blinding. He explained
> >it was a type of "spermatic" crystal, a crystal of living light, held
> >suspended by the power of the force rising through the center of the
> >pyramid itself. At the time my father spoke of the capstone, its inner
> >light had almost vanished from our visual sight. It increased and
> >in intensity, like slow-beating cosmic heart.
> >So etheric was its substance, the flow kept fading from view. Only when
> >priests, priestess, and initiates of Melchizedek could generate enough
> >additional power did the crystal cap glow as it had in the centuries
> >by. It had lost much of its power. So had the pyramid itself, though it
> >still considered the greatest House of Light existing on Earth. A second
> >capstone made of copper occasionally replaced the one of crystal and
> >More Arks were created, both large and small. Most were constructed of a
> >certain kind of wood and lined with gold inside and out. The Arks were
> >called Sekets, sacred chests. A few special large ones were patterned
> >the Great Pyramid, but most were rectangular. They rested on pedestals
> >called Aras, which were shaped like the crescent moon, making the Arks
> >appear as boats, or vessels. They were topped with a golden crown and
> >cherubs called Ariehs. My parents called them the Two Truths. The
> >were two winged creatures. Each cherub had four faces - of a man, an
> >a lion and an ox.
> >The unitiated unprotected sons of Earth were not permitted to touch the
> >because of its radiating voltage, placed there by the generated cosmic
> >rays. The priests who had charge of it, called the Arkites, wore
> >garments. But there were themselves charged with cosmic power. Such
> >Arks were somewhat immune from the rays of the crystal because each
> >radiated frequencies harmonious with the crystal. Since the Ark radiated
> >energy destructive to all inharmnious with it, a gold sheath was
> >constructed to insulate it, to partially shield the people from the
> >emanations. When small Arks were carried in sacred processions by the
> >Arkites, staves were passed through rings attached to the boat.
> >When the Anaki first arrived on Atzlan, a massive stone structure of
> >pyramidal form was constructed because such a form would produce the
> >required resistance to the ravage of time. The pyramidal form would
> >sustain the charges of White Light generated in the Ark, which graced
> >peak of the pyramid. Since the pyramid form was the most conducive to
> >generate the White Light, it also became the symbolic form of the
> >godman. It represented the spiritualization of matter.
> >The Anaki came to Earth to serve the cause of light and to help
> >emerge from their darkness and hasten their evolutionary progress. To
> >achieve such an acceleration of consciousness, they intermarried with
> >sons and daughters of the Earthborn, thus planting the seeds of future
> >births having the potential for divinity. The lifewave evolving on Earth
> >that time dwelt in tribal communities. Theirs was a constant struggle
> >against nature and animals to survive, thus their forms were physically
> >powerful. But they had limited mental powers.
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> >Brought to you as an EARTH DAY (April 22) SPECIAL by The Philosopher's
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> >Love is the answer.
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