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Microsoft are abandoning Internet Explorer for the Macintosh; as of 31 January, it will be unavailable for downloading, with Mac users being encouraged to use Apple's Safari browser. Hopefully this means that Microsoft aren't going to use their IE near-monopoly to create a proprietary superset of (D)HTML and keep web application users locked into their technologies; either that or, if they do, they're willing to lock non-Windows platforms completely out and hope that they have the clout to make everyone get a Windows PC for their internet access.

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Melbourne hard-pop artist Talkshow Boy now has a show on 3RRR. It's a graveyard-shift show, on Monday nights from 2am to 6am, shared with one Edmund Finegan. Judging by the nature of his DJ set playlists, expect anything from twee indiejangle to gothic rock to R&B booty anthems to a lot of music made with circuit-bent Nintendos by crazy Japanese people.

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