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I just found out that Data Panik, the brilliantly rocking band formed by the members of Bis, is no more; they broke up a bit over a month ago, after finding no interest from record labels and very little from venues, and getting sick of driving the length and breadth of the UK playing self-funded gigs and selling self-published 7"s. The individual members have their own projects, though (Manda and Stuart have solo projects and John and Stephen are involved in a "techno" project named Dirty Hospital), so there will be more music of some form coming out. Nonetheless, it is a rather sad end to this story; they deserved better, but the music scene didn't want a bar of them. Perhaps they didn't sound sufficiently "indie", as per the NME's current definition, for corporate sponsors to throw money at them.

Anyway, you can download some of their demos here. And here is Manda's solo project's MySpace page, with a fairly decent biography.

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