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Could this be the next Mahir, or the next GLOCK 3? Icy Hot Stuntaz, taking the hiphop scene to whole new levels. And they have merchandise and even a MP3 of them flaunting their wicked-ass rhymin' skills.


Fontomas is releasing a CD of their fonts, so if you missed some, you will be able to get them.

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Horrorshow, mes freres! A disturbing new subculture has emerged among disenfranchised young men in France's cities. Denied opportunities for betterment by their lower class position, they are seeking transcendence and status through gang-raping 'bourgeois' girls.

"These cases invariably follow the same barbarous pattern," said Isabelle Steyer, a Paris barrister. "The girl is always seen as more bourgeois than the norm, or better educated. The gang who attack her believe that since she's supposedly sleeping with her boyfriend, she's fair game. Peer pressure discourages him from trying to stop them. It's the law of the high-rise estate."

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No, this is not the Viridian list: A Swiss company has developed a sports car that runs on rotting vegetables.


Just in case you thought that, maybe, just maybe, the tobacco companies aren't evil scumbags: Documents have emerged revealing an R.J. Reynolds niche marketing campaign from the mid-90s, targeting gays and the homeless. It's name? Project SCUM. This ostensibly stood for "SubCultural Marketing", but the derogatory connotations are rather hard to gloss over.


Well-known Melbourne live band/show venue the Continental Cafe, which has been home to live music since World War 2, is to close in a week or so. Apparently the landlord decided that he can make more money by converting the building into offices and/or luxury appartments, and put the rent up, forcing the Conti people out. (Sort of like what happened with the Valhalla cinema in Northcote some years ago; the landlords demanded a year's rent in advance, drove the Valhalla organisers out and took over the cinema, turning it from a cult mecca into just another boring suburban cinema, better known for Disney matinees and Working Title feel-good britflicks.)

(Apparently a lot of live band venues are finding it rather tough going, with the GST hitting them twice, making people reluctant to spend money on seeing bands and also taxing the bands performing. According to the Metro News, the Dan O'Connell may be forced to close soon, and other venues are also feeling the pinch. Well, at least there's a moratorium on poker machines, so they can't just turn them into pokie venues; only executive townhouses and such.)

The Conti wasn't the most comfortable venue (for one, unless you ordered dinner, you were stuck standing in a narrow corridor-like area), but they did have some great shows. I recall seeing The Paradise Motel play a double set there once, with strings and some great lighting.


Remixes of video game tunes. Doovy! I should probably finish off that Bubble Bobble ska mix I started ages ago and send it their way...


Is Sony wilfully violating the GPL? This page (allegedly by a developer of POSE, the GPLed PalmPilot emulator) alleges so.

"We don't really care about that. Go ahead, sue us and see how far you get..."

Could this be a deliberate strategy to test the GPL in a courtroom and defeat the FSF with superior legal firepower, invalidating or weakening the GPL? Such a strategy may be profitable to Sony, allowing them to make proprietary versions of GPLed software, building in trusted-client access-control technologies (something Sony is very keen on) without fear of their secrecy being compromised.