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psychoceramics: Re Psychoceramics: The Cincinnati Group

>	The original CincyGroup consists of persons who have taken 
>	science beyond high-school level, but who are Charismatic 
>	who claimed to have received explicit, overt,audio-visual 
>	Revelations that have enabled them to make the"biggest advance 
>	scientific technology in a thousand years" in a modestly 
>	discovery that is about to be put on sale in the form of a 
>	do-it-yourself kit and a_total_ disclosure in the next issue 
>	_Infinite Energy_ magazine.

Ah ,yes -- God realized that what was wrong with the world was too much
thorium, and not enough flakes of copper! THANK YOU FOR SOLVING IMPORTANT

(You could make the case to such people that God revealing how to make
extra copper now is proof of his imperfection -- otherwise why would be
make a copper-deficient world?)