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The world's last Stalinist dictatorship, North Korea is entering the IT marketplace. They have a booth at Comdex in China, though currently it has only computers pointing to North Korean websites and the ubiquitous posters of Kim Jong Il.

"The great general Kim Jong Il is devoted constantly" to information technology, Kim Ho, an official of North Korea's Academy of Sciences, said at a news conference. On Sunday and Monday, organisers say developers will display more than 100 products, from translation programs to video games.

I imagine that their range of video games would be pretty unique.

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Could this be what happened to Lev?


40% of people who shop online do so to avoid human contact.


If you think public transport in Melbourne is poor, it's apparently much worse in Adelaide. They're still using diesel trains on their (poorly patronised) suburban rail network, it seems. (via The Fix)

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Read: The cDc's Oxblood Ruffin writes in The Reg about hacktivism vs. repressive regimes.


Mulholland Drive explained, quite credibly too. Excellent. Though don't read it if you haven't seen the film (which is highly recommended). (via Found)