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An article about a new book about Henry Darger, the outsider artist of Vivian Girls fame. His former landlords and present owners of his work don't come across very well in it. (via Robot Wisdom)

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Terry Gilliam's Unresolved Projects, part of Dreams: the Terry Gilliam fanzine. It looks like Good Omens is indefinitely on hold. And pity that he's not going to do the Fungus the Bogeyman film, as that would have rocked.

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Inter-religious violence over holy sites in Jerusalem is an equal-opportunity game; now Ethiopian and Egyptian monks are brawling over a chair position in a shrine which is shared among six Christian sects. The two sects have been virtually at war for over a century over esteemed positions on the roof of a church.

"They (the Ethiopians) teased him," said Father Afrayim, an Egyptian Coptic monk at the next door Coptic monastery. "They poked him and brought some women who came behind him and pinched him," he said. Each side accuses the other of throwing the first blow in the fist-fight and stone throwing that ensued. Police eventually broke up the brawl but by all accounts many of the protagonists were already wounded.

Perhaps it's something in the water or the air? (via the CoFD)

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