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The New McCarthyism: In the U.S., members of antiwar/environmentalist/progressive activist groups are being placed on the no-fly list, and being detained should they try to board an aircraft; just in case the Godless comsymps decide to help out their buddy Osama.

(It says a lot about the worldview of Bush-era America that left-wing progressives are lumped in the same category as Islamic Fundamentalist militants.)


A German study claims that blond-haired people will die out in 200 years. Blond hair is caused by a recessive gene, and is thus genetically disadvantaged. This was compensated for by blond people being widely seen as more attractive (*ahem*), but modern artificial blond colourings exploit this bias much more effectively than natural blond hair.

Or will blondes die out? Professor Jonathan Rees (who previously proved that redheads are sexier) claims that the blonde gene will become less common but never completely disappear, as it does not carry any disadvantage. (Except in jokes, that is.) (via FmH)

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