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Well, seeing how Napster is likely to be sued out of existence soon, I had a look at the network (using the open-source gnapster client); there is a _lot_ of obscure, long-deleted 80s synthpop, including remixes of long-lost songs that most people this side of Lazlo Nibble never knew existed (try searching for Razormaid sometime). Of course, do not, under any circumstances, actually download anything from Napster; that would be illegal.


John Howard's puritanical government kills the "non-violent erotica" video classification, pushes for tightening restrictions on erotica: (via What's New Pussycat)

Fiona Patten, of the Eros Foundation, says it is the first step towards a total ban. "Unfortunately the Coaltion Government has a policy to ban X-rated videos and the X classification, this was why they decided to introduce NVE," she said. "Now we are faced with a ban on all sexually explicit material in Australia."


I've been playing with a demo version of Pluggo, an amazingly doovy collection of audio effects plug-ins for Cubase VST, and getting some interesting sounds out of it. I'll probably end up buying it sometime soon, especially since it's only US$74 (though that's about twice that number in Australian play money).

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