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Slowdive music videos online in MPEG format. It's funny to think that back in the early 90s stuff like Slowdive got played on MTV (can you imagine MTV squeezing in a Mogwai video or somesuch between Jay-Z and Jackass these days?) The visuals go quite nicely with the music, too. And wasn't Rachel pretty?

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Jim informs us that the word "wibble" is now in the OED. How much do you want to bet that it'll stay in usage longer than some of the other new additions like "bling-bling" and so on?

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It looks like Noel Gallagher, of ladcore outfit Oasis, has become a follower of the teachings of David Icke. That's the former BBC snooker presenter who now goes around the world claiming that the world is ruled by giant shape-shifting lizards (including George Bush and the entire British royal family) who rape and eat us. Perhaps Scientology is a bit passé these days or something...

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Norwegian Black Metal musician breaks into church, decapitates corpse; presumably just to remind the world that Norwegian Black Metal isn't dead. He then took the head to a party to show off.

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Ben Rocknerd interviews Jimmy Cauty, one half of pop dadaists The KLF, who's also recently responsible for a controversial culture-jam based on British postage stamps. The interview will appear in an upcoming Big Issue.

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Stencil Revolution has a lot of resources on stencil graffiti/art, incuding tutorials and EPS files of artwork.

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Real life riffs off The Goodies: an Oxfam shop has asked donors to not give them any Max Bygraves records, because they've already got too many of them. The same goes for Val Doonican records.

"We love having vinyl of Donovan, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley," she said. "Recently we sold an Elvis single for £79 so it's a good market for us.

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Melbourne's the centre of yet another underground subculture, it seems: first we had the Cave Clan and the underground hax0r scene, and now it seems that we're Australia's capital of swinging (as in fat, balding people having group-sex parties). The epicentres of this scene are the "more adventurous suburbs" such as Ringwood. (Make your own joke here.)

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