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The flu doesn't appear to be abating much today; I feel like death warmed over. Consequently, don't expect much in the way of dazzling wit today.


Chutzpah: I found in the "waiting for approval" list for a mailing list I operate a spam from some opportunist advertising a web-hosting service. From amidst all the hideous HTML, one sentence stood out: "No pornography, I have morals against such junk". Who would have guessed; someone who steals others' network bandwidth, making them pay the costs of their advertising, having morals. Unfortunately for Mr. Spamming Scumbag, my morals do not approve of theft of resources, so I fed his mail to SpamCop (a very useful service). Say goodbye to your account, Mr. Scumbag...

0 is up now, which means that Virulent Memes has moved to a new home, with a much less horrendous URL.