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Security hole of the day: How to find the Hotmail addresses of people looking at your site, through your referer logs. Well, as long as they went via a link in an email. (via NTK)


In a move that's not really a surprise, the Victorian Liberal Party has vowed to block heroin injecting rooms, calling instead for a moralistic if-you-break-the-law-the-law-will-break-you approach. When exactly did the Liberals turn into a solid bloc of Religious Right moralists? If I recall correctly, the Liberal Party had a tradition of paying some heed to values such as individual liberty, rational debate and minimal government interference. That they should, in the past few years, push through things like stricter censorship, restricting IVF to married heterosexuals and blocking all consideration of drug policy outside the Reaganite war-on-drugs model, shows what a sham that is.

Of course, the Young Liberals in various states have called for things such as the legalisation of marijuana, the abolition of Internet censorship, and so on; but that's to be expected of young radicals. After all, various Young Labor people still advocate the abolition of private property under a glorious dictatorship of the proletariat, if not exactly in those words.